Stephanie Pratt – ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’

Stephanie Pratt

Stephanie Pratt may be appearing on Millionaire Matchmaker, but she's currently taken by Josh Shepherd, who she appeared on Made In Chelsea with. Pratt was appearing on the dating show with her brother Spencer and wife Heidi Montag requesting the help of Patti Stanger. Spencer Pratt said his sister only fell for "bad boys" and he wanted a change for her. Clearly, Stephanie didn't need anyone's help ... not even her friend Lucy Watson, who reportedly cautioned Stephanie about dating Josh Shepherd. Daily Mail reported: Josh is Stephanie's first serious relationship in London since she had a less than amicable split with Stevie Johnson, Lucy's other best friend. With Lucy in the middle, the star has refused to take sides until the new relationship with Josh emerged - Josh being one of Stevie's very close friends. Lucy was forced to deny that she'd previously hooked up with Josh in November when he called her his ex before becoming Made In Chelsea's newest season 8 character. The Daily Mail also writes: US reality TV star Stephanie, who bought a flat in Chelsea in October, and since dating Josh has even met the family, boasting that she was 'Hanging with the shepherds!!' on his 26th birthday. So, though the relationship is fairly new, the couple seem very happy together. Check out Pratt's best Instagram photos with her boyfriend Shepherd by clicking through our gallery.