‘The 100’ Spoilers: Everything You Need to Know



Okay, so you’ve been waiting for a month for new episodes of the CW’s futuristic post-apocalypse drama “The 100.” You’re eagerly anticipating how Clarke, Bellamy and the gang will rescue their friends from Mount Weather (if they even do at all), how Raven will treat Clarke and if you’ll finally get some Clarke/Bellamy action.

Well, while the actors have given some things away, others you’ll just have to suffer week-by-week for. Until then, here are the top spoilers coming up for the second half of season 2 of “The 100.”
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If you’ll remember, the shocking midseason finale left Clarke killing Finn before the grounders could get to him for murdering 18 of their people. Understandably, Finn’s ex-girlfriend Raven is a little upset at Clarke for this. However, the grounders and the sky people now have an alliance, and it wouldn’t do them any good if they couldn’t march on Mount Weather to retrieve those captive there.

But it seems Raven isn’t the only one affected by Finn’s death – Clarke hallucinates Finn’s body opening his eyes and staring her down as he is carried away to the village where the massacre took place. Looks like Clarke’s time on earth is finally catching up to her.

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The tension grows as the sky people and the grounders hold a feast to commemorate their new-found truce and peace, which (hopefully) will hold at least until they rescue their people from Mount Weather. Except for there’s one tiny problem – someone poisoned one of the grounders, and no one’s owning up to it.

Clarke asks Raven if she did it, resulting in Raven socking Clarke and calling her a murderer. This doesn’t bode well with the grounders, who tie her up and threaten her death if she is, in fact, the killer.

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Bellamy and Clarke! Clarke and Bellamy! Everyone’s favorite not-a-couple-at-all returns in this scene, discussing the truce and the moral implications of Finn’s death. Bellamy is pleading with Clarke to agree to let him sneak into Mount Weather to be the “eyes and ears” for the sky people. She repeatedly refuses, and when he presses the issue, she replies, “I can’t lose you, too. Okay?”

Whether this implies a closer relationship between the two leaders in the coming episodes is up to interpretation, but it’s safe to say pretty much literally everybody wants it. Everybody.

We find out that Lexa, the now-leader of the grounders had a girlfriend she lost some time ago. She recounts this to Clarke, along with the what must be insanely comforting thought that love is weakness, and death is just another part of life.

Clarke disagrees, saying she’ll never stop caring about the people she loves. Lexa says this puts everyone around Clarke in danger. We’ll see by the end of season 2 if she’s right.

As for the rest of season 2, here are some future episode recaps.

Episode 10 is called “Survival of the Fittest,” according to SpoilerTV, and while a Murphy-Jaha companionship is the last thing anyone expected, it might be enough to help Jaha come to terms with his son Wells’ season 1 death.

THE BEAST WITHIN — Lives are at risk as Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Lexa (guest star Alycia Debnam Carey) encounter a new enemy. Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) agree to work together to break into Mount Weather. Murphy (guest star Richard Harmon) helps Jaha (Isaiah Washington) confront his past. Meanwhile, Indra (guest star Adina Porter) makes Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) an offer she can’t refuse. Paige Turco and Henry Ian Cusick also star.

SpoilerTV also reports a mother-daughter face-off for episode 11, “Coup de Grace.”

CLARKE AND ABBY FACE OFF — Bellamy (Bob Morley) and Lincoln’s (Ricky Whittle) attempt to sneak into Mount Weather has brutal consequences. Abby (Paige Turco) fights to stay in control as Clarke (Eliza Taylor) steps up in her new leadership role. Meanwhile, with Monty (Christopher Larkin) and Harper (guest star Chelsey Reist) still missing, a desperate Jasper (Devon Bostick) confronts President Wallace (guest star Raymond Barry) and demands answers. Marie Avgeropoulos, Lindsey Morgan, Ricky Whittle, Isaiah Washignton and Henry Ian Cusick also star.

Abby and Clarke have fought before, sure – but never so that it threatens either woman’s leadership. It will be interesting to see the two butt heads over what they think is right for their people.