Britt Nilsson & Chris Soules: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Britt Nilsson has been a front-runner on The Bachelor this season, truly capturing the attention of star Chris Soules. The two have gone on dream dates together from a hot air balloon ride at sunrise to dancing on stage at a Big & Rich concert. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, right? Read on for the facts on Nilsson and Chris Soules’ time together as well as some behind-the-scenes info, plus a big spoiler.

1. Soules Felt That Nilsson’s Behavior in Iowa Was a Red Flag

When the remaining contestants arrived in Iowa, Britt Nilsson was upset to hear that Jade Roper got the first solo date and she ended up on “just a group date.” While they had some down-time, Nilsson and the other women decided to take a road trip to Soules’ hometown of Arlington and they were shocked to see just how small it was. There are no restaurants and the nearest movie theater is about an hour away. Most of the business were closed-down and Nilsson said she didn’t realize just how small Soules’ town would be. It’s later revealed to Soules by contestant Carly Waddell that Nilsson isn’t being truthful to him about her opinion on where he lives. Despite Nilsson assuring Soules she would love to be a mother and raise a family there with him, Waddell says Nilsson could never see herself living in Arlington.

Later on, Nilsson becomes very upset when contestant Kaitlyn Bristowe gets the group date rose and she confronts Soules in front of the other girls. It creates an uncomfortable situation and throws Soules for a loop. In Soules’ blog he states that it was definitely a red flag and says:

The whole thing was weird. I couldn’t even understand what was happening, and I felt really bad for the other girls, especially Carly who hadn’t received a rose either. Her behavior then seemed so contrary to everything I’d seen of her until that point. It was like she’d done a complete 180. Was she putting on a show this whole time? I couldn’t believe she was trying to have that conversation with me in front of two girls I was also in relationships with and acting as if she was the only one there. I certainly did not think it was respectful for us to continue that conversation in front of Kaitlyn and Carly, so I had to walk away.

Soules added:

I left feeling shocked and confused. It was a side to Britt I’d never seen, and in complete contrast to the girl I spoke to on the bridge earlier in the day.

In turn, we end up saying goodbye to Nilsson.

2. There Were Several ‘Firsts’ Between Soules & Nilsson This Season

On the premiere episode, Britt Nilsson got the very first hug from Soules as she got out of her limo. It was that ridiculously long hug in case you’ve forgotten. But, that wasn’t the only first that occurred between the two on the premiere. Nilsson received the first impression rose as well as the very first kiss. When it came to giving her the rose, Soules told People:

Ultimately, I gave the first impression rose to Britt, who not only gave me the best hug of my entire life but also really made me feel comfortable on what was a pretty stressful evening.

Another first Nilsson had this season was taking a hot air balloon ride, among many other things.

3. Nilsson Has Combated Viewer Backlash With ‘Love’

Nilsson has dealt with a bit of backlash from viewers after they watched the episode where Nilsson confronted Soules in his intentions during a group date with Carly Waddell and Kaitlyn Bristowe. Her response was to shell out nothing but “love.” She posted the above photo with this caption:

I’m not even going to address all of the things said about me except that I choose to forgive and love those people because I understand how intense of an environment we were all in, and viewers can plainly see that I tell Chris the truth every time. That speaks for itself and everything else will come and go. I also apologize for processing my emotions out loud when I should have waited for privacy. I ask for grace and forgiveness as well. Love you guys.

Aside from fans, the other contestants, particularly Waddell said Nilsson was two different people and that she blew it for herself. Both Waddell and Bristowe felt Nilsson would have no way to recover from her behavior. When Nilsson addressed the cameras, she said she felt bad about her talking to Soules in front of the other girls and felt very selfish in her actions. As she cried, she stated that she didn’t think that this was the way she should be feeling right before taking Soules to meet her father.

4. Their Connection Has Made the Other Contestants Feel Insecure Throughout the Season

Nilsson and Soules have spent a lot of time together over the course of the season, much more than many of the other contestants. And, at times, it has made the others feel uncomfortable. For example, when Soules was on a group date with country band Big & Rich, he and Nilsson were holding each other and sharing kisses with each other in front of the other girls. Later on, they snuck off to the Big & Rich concert, where Soules gave her a rose. The other girls were very upset and almost wondered why they were even there in the first place.

Another moment that upset the other contestants was when Nilsson told them that she had shared a private nap with Soules. They wondered what went on behind closed doors and were concerned about Nilsson getting that kind of time with their Bachelor.

5. Nilsson Opened Up About What ‘Really Happened’ During Her Private Nap With Soules

After Nilsson and Soules took their balloon ride together, they went back to Soules’ hotel room and “took a nap.” When Soules talked about the reason they did that, he told People:

Back at my hotel, I just wanted to spend more time getting to know Britt. She’d mentioned to me a few weeks prior that her perfect date would be taking a nap, so I made that happen. I didn’t know she’d go and tell all the girls about it. I know, I should have known.

So, what exactly happened during their nap time? Nilsson wrote on her Instagram:

This week was a Wake up call! (In more ways than one) 1. Most importantly, our “nap” consisted of some kissing (duh), but more of talking (a lot), which allowed me to learn about Chris so much! I respect him very deeply for making this moment about emotional intimacy, not physical. 2. I definitely want a husband and a family. Ask anyone in my life. I always have. I was shocked to hear otherwise. 3. I take showers. I hope that’s kind of obvious. However, if there’s some way people think I can look that clean after 5 weeks of not bathing, I guess that’s awesome too :) :) 4. I try to read all of your comments and I am so touched and overwhelmed by your support. God is good, and you guys are amazing! Everything always works out, so keep your head up! :).

Well, there you have it … and in case you forgot, Britt saying she doesn’t shower was a big topic of conversation this season. Soules’ response to hearing that was that she always smelled good, so to each her own. However, he did say that he’s a guy who showers daily.

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