SPOILER ALERT: Britt Nilsson Leaves ‘The Bachelor’

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On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor, we reportedly start seeing the beginning of the goodbye to Chris Soules’ seemingly favorite contestant Britt Nilsson. Upon visiting Soules’ hometown Arlington, Iowa, the ladies finally see the small town that they could potentially be moving to in order to be with star Chris Soules. In turn, they can evaluate if they’re really ready for this kind of lifestyle. In this episode, we see Britt crying several times and fellow contestant Carly Waddell reveals a big secret of hers to Soules. Carly sits down with Soules on her group date and tells him that after visiting Arlington, Britt stated she could never see herself living there. This is not the news Soules was hoping to hear, especially because Britt had not expressed these feelings to him at all. In turn, Reality Steve reports that Britt leaves the show. Have a look at a promo from tonight’s big Bachelor night to get a glimpse at Britt’s emotional episode.

Throughout the show, Nilsson said that the journey on the show is difficult, and Jade Roper’s getting a solo date with Soules really “shook her.” She also told the camera that she didn’t realize just how small Arlington would be after she and the girls take a road trip there. At first, Nilsson admitted to Soules she felt his town was very small, but then tells him she loved it. She spoke more and more with him and only said positive things about where he lives, though she does say there was a shock factor when she first saw his town. She also said she wants to be a mom wherever she ends up. Nilsson felt very vulnerable in saying that, but she wasn’t the one to receive the group date rose and she became very upset. It creates a very awkward situation for Soules and the other girls suspect Nilsson might leave because of it. Nilsson cried to the cameras that she felt selfish for her actions and was worried about taking Soules home to meet her family. The other women felt that “she blew it.”

In Soules blog, he opened up about Nilsson’s behavior on this episode by writing:

Britt’s reaction to me giving Kaitlyn the rose confused and hurt me, considering the fact she not only received a rose on the last group date, I gave her the rose on a stage with Big & Rich during their concert; something that all of the other girls would have loved to experience. The police sirens going off in the background during that conversation felt like some sort of omen … Her behavior then seemed so contrary to everything I’d seen of her until that point. It was like she’d done a complete 180. Was she putting on a show this whole time? … Things definitely come to a head tomorrow, so you’ll have to tune in to find out what happens.

Nilsson tells the other contestants that she has packed her bags and plans to tell Soules she’s leaving before the rose ceremony. However, some of the other girls didn’t believe she would actually leave. Nilsson said that it’s the fair and right thing to do because she wants to be number one in her future husband’s life. When Nilsson hears that there’s no cocktail party, she begins to freak out and interrupts the ceremony to speak privately with Soules. And that’s when they part ways, with Nilsson sobbing on the curb outside.

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