Mark McGrath: The Photos You Need to See

Mark McGrath

Today there was a "media alert" that Mark McGrath had died, but the chances of it being real are pretty slim. This is what the media alert stated: Musician Mark McGrath has died at the age of 46. McGrath was on set filming the second season of entertainment show Hot Package, when he was confronted by a masked gunman and shot several times. The former Sugar Ray frontman died in the arms of his co-host Derrick Beckles on the Hollywood set of the show. In honor of Mr. McGrath's legacy, his team is asking in liu of flowers, fans post a Sugar Ray Selfie, holding a packet of sugar over their heart. #RIPMARKMCGRATH So, don't shed your tears until McGrath's reps confirm his existence. McGrath is married to wife Carin Kingsland, who he dated for over 18 years before marrying in 2012. When McGrath married his love, he told People: After 18 years of breakups, makeups, beautiful twins and an unwavering love that provided some pretty damn good song lyrics, we are happy to announce that we are finally married! McGrath had proposed at the club The Viper Room, the same place where they met in 1994. They have two twin children together - Lydon Edward and Hartley Grace. In addition to being the longtime front-man of the band Sugar Ray, McGrath has had successes in many other areas, acquiring an estimated net worth of $6 million. McGrath is a co-host on the show EXTRA and most recently was a star in the movie Sharknado 2.

Click through our gallery to check out all the best photos of McGrath over the years. (Getty)

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