‘Bones’ Season 10 Premiere Episode Spoilers


On the season 10 Winter premiere of Bones, Cyndi Lauper guest stars and the episode is titled "The Psychic In The Soup". The official synopsis reads: Angela's psychic friend Avalon helps the team investigate when a psychic is found dead in the trunk of a tree; Booth and Brennan consider the pros and cons of Christine's imaginary friend. The second episode to follow is titled "The Teacher In The Books" and the plot-line is: The team investigates when a wealthy teacher is found dead in an abandoned bookstore; one of Brennan's interns teaches her to use Twitter. One big issue that Brennan has this season is dealing with her pregnancy and how it affects her job. And, another issue is the future of Brennan and Booth's relationship, especially with Booth's gambling problem being back. The season 10 finale will go down June 4, 2015. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. (Patrick McElhenney/FOX)

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