Meet Justin Bieber’s Parents Pattie Mallette and Jeremy Bieber

Pattie Mallette & Jeremy Bieber

Who are the parents of Justin Bieber? Let's start with the Biebs' mother Pattie Mallette. Justin Bieber is an only child and his mother and father never married as they were teen parents. Pattie Mallette raised her son with the help of her mother, Diane, and stepfather, Bruce. After getting pregnant at the young age of 17, Mallette gave birth to Justin in a Salvation Army hostel, relying on food banks and others for help, while trying to maintain her Christian faith. The Biebers worked hard to raise a son who has now become successful beyond their wildest dreams. Mallette has one older brother named Chris and her sister was killed at age 5 by a vehicle when she was crossing the street. This wasn't the only tragedy in Mallette's life as she says that she endured sexual abuse and violence throughout her childhood, stating that she was first molested at the age of three. She was victim to a male babysitter, the grandfather of one of her friends, and neighborhood children who were older than she was. Justin's father Jeremy has been stamped as being a bad influence on his son, having a troubled past and taking part in activities with his son that some parents wouldn't. Justin has two half-siblings through his dad - Jasmyn (born 2009) and Jaxon (born 2010). Prior to Justin Bieber becoming famous, his mother worked various office jobs until she eventually became an author and producer. In September 2012, her autobiography "Nowhere but Up." Now that you have the background on Bieber's parents, check out their best photos. And, to heck out all the details on Justin Bieber's net worth and what he spends his money on by clicking here. (Getty)