Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jason Statham’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Furious 7 villain Jason Statham has dated fellow Brit Rosie Huntington-Whiteley since 2010. The pair just celebrated their 5th anniversary, and the doting girlfriend oosted this quote on Instagram to commemorate the occasion: “You will forever be my always.”

Learn more about the 27-year-old who has acted in a blockbuster movie, aided the poor and walked the biggest runway in the world.

1. Jason Is 10 Years Older Than Her

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Statham is 47, while his lady love is 27. In an interview with Glamour, she gushed, “His knowledge and strength are really inspiring and attractive, and that can come with a man who’s had a bit of time.”

As far as the age difference, Huntington-Whiteley does seem to mind. “We have a connection that has nothing to do with age. Work comes and goes, but if you have someone at home who thinks you’re the greatest person in the world, that keeps you going.”

Trulia reported that the couple just purchased a home together in Beverly Hills. “The five-bed, eight-bath spread, located in the highly coveted 90210 ZIP code, set the couple back to the tune of $12.995 million,” the real estate site explained.

Before the action star, she dated Tyrone Wood, whose father is Rolling Stones band member Ronnie Wood. When she was 22, she briefly dated actor Olivier Martinez, who was 44 at the time.

2. She Went From a Farm to Victoria’s Secret

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She started with the brand in 2006, after moving to New York City. Growing up on a farm in Devon, England, she said that she wasn’t encouraged to go into the business.

She told The Guardian, “There was definitely no one there who was telling me to be a model. I was shorter, I didn’t know how to dress, I was gangly and awkward. I had braces and over-plucked eyebrows – all the things a girl from the West Country has.”

When Vogue UK asked her about being a sex symbol, she replied, “I certainly don’t feel like one! I really don’t take it too seriously to be honest, but I understand that it’s part of my public image.

Statham loves the fact that his partner came from humble beginnings. “Little Rosie. Good old Rosie. She’s a farm girl. You should see her at home. She’s so down to earth. She’s so normal. She grew up on the farm,” Statham told USA Today.

3. Her First Movie Role Was in ‘Transformers’

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She made her big screen debut in Transformers: Dark of the Moon, replacing Megan Fox in the franchise.

Critics did not take her part in the film seriously and gave her scathing reviews. The Daily Mail wrote, “With a world full of actresses to choose from, Mr Bay has opted to replace Ms Fox with an English lingerie model named Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who had no acting experience prior to the film, and now has even less. With only one expression, a vapid pout, she delivers the most wooden line-readings of any British actress since Elizabeth Hurley so memorably impersonated Satan in Bedazzled.”

Total Film agreed, saying, “British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is awful – awful! – as LaBeouf’s new love interest, sucking the life out of every scene she appears in like some pneumatic Dyson sexbot.”

The actress found it difficult to deal with the negative press and told The Guardian that she avoided the internet and hid for awhile. She said:

There was… not a lot of support for me during that time…I’m on set as a lead role, but with no idea what I’m doing.” She takes a deep breath. “I took the opportunity, because how was I supposed to say no? [But] people want to see you fall. Your fans want to see you fall. Everyone wants to see you fall.

4. She Has a Lingerie Brand

It’s called Rosie for Autograph and it’s sold at Marks and Spencer, a British department store, where she remembers buying her first bra with her mother.

Huntington-Whiteley puts a lot of time and effort into her job as a lingerie designer. She told Vogue UK, “I have spent a huge proportion of my career modelling lingerie and I like to try and understand the mind and desires of other women. I do a lot of research and testing on friends and family.”

According to Esquire, it is the “fastest-selling line sold by the biggest underwear retailer in Britain.”

5. She’s Involved With UNICEF

In June, she traveled to Cambodia, where she saw firsthand what it is like to live in poverty. “I recently went to Cambodia with Unicef, and it was a grounding, humbling and educational experience – I have had a very priviliged life and I think it’s really important to see how other people live,” she told Glamour.

VideoVideo related to rosie huntington-whiteley, jason statham’s girlfriend: 5 fast facts you need to know2015-04-03T19:30:18-04:00
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