Noah Galloway, ‘Dancing With The Stars’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Noah Galloway is the double amputee contestant on Dancing With The Stars season 20, who lost his arm and leg while fighting for our country overseas. Galloway lost both his left leg above his knee and his left arm above the elbow during his second tour in Iraq. He’s a twice-divorced father, who has used his weaknesses to become his strengths in life. Read on for our 5 Fast Facts on Galloway below.

1. Galloway’s Injuries Pushed Him to Want to Open His Own Gym

In a 2006 interview with, Galloway revealed that his losing his arm and leg made him want to delve into fitness and led to dreams of opening his own gym. Galloway stated: I’ve always wanted to own my own gym … Now I see that as more of a challenge with just an arm and a leg. I want to be, you know, in great shape because I don’t want to just own it. I was always big into being healthy, so I’m going to push for that.

2. DWTS Pro Sharna Burgess Has Had to Make Up For Galloway Not Having a Knee

Because of Galloway’s injuries, he struggles to dance without a knee and without being able to lead with his left hand, as most male dancers do. Galloway credits his DWTS pro partner Sharna Burgess with being so amazing with their choreography, telling People:

The judges said the male leads with his left hand, and they were talking about how amazing it was how we put everything together, and that’s all Sharna. She designs the dances so I won’t have to lead with the left arm, but I am still leading the dance. All I know about dancing is what Sharna has taught me. She is teaching me how to dance while missing an arm and a leg. It’s been amazing.

3. His Father Gave Up Some of His Life to Make Sure His Son Recuperated After His Injuries

Galloway’s mother and father stayed with their son for two months while Noah was recuperating from the explosion in Iraq. Eventually, however, Noah’s mother had to return to her job so she could make money for the family. Galloway’s father had other plans. wrote:

Andy Galloway, 53, stayed behind after his wife left. He’s taken leave from his job as an apartment complex maintenance worker and put on hold the remodeling construction jobs he does on the side. Asked to reflect on his experience, he said, ”It’s hard.” To meet expenses, he has drawn on family savings and donations from friends and relatives … At Mologne House, father and son share a room with a television, two double beds, a 3-foot-tall fridge, a microwave, a coffee pot and a bathroom.

4. Galloway Has Become a Model

Galloway’s amazing courage and his insanely fit body have scored him some pretty awesome modeling gigs. Galloway has been the model and spokesman for Kenneth Cole’s fragrance Mankind Ultimate. He’s also been on the November 2014 cover of Men’s Health Magazine.

5. His Girlfriend Jamie Boyd Is In the Armed Forces As Well

View this post on Instagram

Had such an amazing time last night with @jamierboyd.

A post shared by Noah Galloway (@noahgallowayathlete) on Apr 22, 2015 at 7:26am PDT

Jamie Boyd returned from basic training early to surprise Galloway on National TV during a live episode of Dancing With The Stars. When Boyd was waiting to run out and surprise her man, she told People how she was feeling, explaining that:

I was brought to tears and they were giving me Kleenex back and forth, so I was like, ‘Pull it together because I have to go out there.

Galloway said it was the best surprise he ever received.

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