Nick Fradiani Vs. Clark Beckham: ‘American Idol’ 2015 Final Two Contestants

Nick Fradiani Vs. Clark Beckham

Nick Fradiani and Clark Beckham are the final two contestants competing against one another on American Idol. While many viewers thought that contestant Jax would make it to the final two, it was Beach Avenue band front-man Fradiani and good Christian boy Beckham. The scores were very close and it was only less than 0.4 percent of the vote that sent Jax home. When Fradiani heard that he was safe and Jax was voted off the show, he told Billboard: It kind of knocked the wind out of us I think. Jax is like my little sister and she’s going to be fine. She’s 19 and crazy talented so I’m looking forward to seeing what she does. But we kind of just looked at each other like, Alright. We gotta pick this up and rock and roll. We just wanted to put on a good show for everybody and I think it went really well. This year, each of the two finalists have been given their own hit single to release upon their win. Fradiani's is called "Beautiful Life" and Beckham's is called "Champion." When it comes to comparing Beckham and Fradiani, it's very difficult because they have completely different music styles. Judge Harry Connick Jr. said on part one of the finale: You're like an inward type of performer, and Nick seems to be more outward. It's apples and oranges. One is not better than the next. As for what Beckham had to say about himself versus his fellow singer Fradiani, he told Billboard: Nick and I both share a passion for music. For me, I’m sure it’s the same for Nick, when I started playing and singing, I just loved music so much, I just wanted to play every instrument I could and dive as deep as I could. A guitar is easy. You stand with it, you walk around with it. It’s just a great instrument. The greats have done it before and people continue to. Guitar is a passion of mine and Nick’s as well.

Tune in tonight at 8:00 p.m. EST for the big finale and to see which contestant will be crowned the winner. Now click through our gallery of each of the guys' best Instagram pics from throughout the season. (FOX/American Idol/Instagram)