‘I Can Do That’ NBC TV Show Cast

'I Can Do That' TV Show Cast

Marlon Wayans serves as host on a new NBC reality show called I Can Do That where celebrities compete in trying out new acts and skills. The official synopsis of the show reads: Each week, in front of a live audience, the six cast members will enter a friendly rivalry as they choose their favorite act — what they think they can master — and who they would like to pair up with to master that act. The acts will span every variety of entertainment from song and dance to magic and danger. They will also feature some of America’s biggest-name performers in a guest-starring role. With their acts selected, the duos make their way into the training studio where they work with their expert coach for five days to produce an amazing act to perform on the next week’s show. And, after a week of intensive training, the celebrities return to the stage to perform their act in hopes of scoring the top slot on the night’s scoreboard. With no judges or eliminations, “I Can Do That” allows the cast to show off their untapped talents and enjoy a little friendly competition along the way. After six weeks of exploring their own unique talent range, one cast member will be revealed as the season’s ultimate entertainer. So which celebrities are participating in this show? Cheryl Burke, Ciara, Joe Jonas, Nicole Scherzinger, comedian Jeff Dye, and actor Alan Ritchson are all part of the cast. Now that you've got the run-down on what to expect and which of your favorite stars is on board, click through our gallery of the best cast pics as well as still shot photos from the premiere. (NBCUniversal)

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