Hayley Edmonds, Jim Edmonds’ Daughter – ‘Real Housewives Of Orange County’

Hayley Edmonds

Hayley Edmonds is one of the daughters of sports star Jim Edmonds and now she's featured on the Real Housewives of Orange County, along with her father and his wife Meghan King Edmonds. Hayley has three other siblings - Lauren Edmonds, Landon Edmonds and Sutton Edmonds. Her number one hero, however, is her mother LeAnn Edmonds Horton, who is her dad's first of three wives. Horton has been battling cancer and Hayley is constantly posting photos and messages online about her mother's strength, how she loves her, and how she admires her. It's truly touching. Hayley has also become close with Meghan, her father's current wife, as she is similar in age, and the two have formed what appears to be a great friendship. While Hayley's dad Jim works half the time in St. Louis, Hayley stays with Meghan full time in Orange County, California. For more information on Hayley, click through our gallery of her best Instagram photos.




From what I saw on the show Sunday night, she is nothing but a spoiled self-absorbed brat. Cannot stand her!!!

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