‘Little Women: LA’ 2015: Meet the Season 3 Cast

'Little Women: LA' 2015 Cast

Season 3 of Little Women: LA is upon us and some of our favorite ladies in reality TV are back! This season, Terra Jole takes on motherhood with her husband Joe Gnoffo, after giving birth to their daughter Penelope Charlevoix Gnoffo. Meanwhile, Christy McGinty Gibel struggles with trying to have a baby. Brittney Guzman, a dancer who toured with Miley Cyrus and Jasmine Arteaga Sorge, who is an LA housewife, both join the show as well. Briana Rene decides to take a big step with her beau while Elena Gant and Tonya Banks also return to the show. Traci Harrison Tsou, and her husband Erik Tsou have decided to leave the series in order to focus more on family. This season is filled with break ups, make ups, arguments, and cheating rumors. The premiere episode is titled "LA Safari" and the official synopsis reads: The women go on a wine safari tour; Briana and Terra introduce new friends to the group; Christy and Todd move forward with their plans; Briana wants to rekindle her relationship with Matt. Episode 2 of the season is called "Big Secrets" and the plot description reads: Jasmine wants to host an extravagant party to win the women over; Christy undergoes an IVF procedure; Terra reveals a shocking secret. Now click through our gallery to check out each of the cast members from the 2015 season of the show. (Photo Credit: Lifetime)