Fear the Walking Dead: The Tweets & Reactions You Need to See

Fear the Walking Dead controversy

Alicia and Nick are two characters that fans are unsure of so far from Fear the Walking Dead. (Frank Ockenfels 3/AMC)

Fear The Walking Dead premiered on AMC and audience reactions are mixed. Some people loved it and some people thought the pilot was a little too slow. These are some of the top reactions from the online world. What did you think? (Note: There are spoilers for the pilot episode, along with a few spoilers from The Walking Dead series.)

1. Some People Think the Pilot And the Zombies Were Too Slow

Fear the Walking Dead twitter

Some fans feel that too much attention went to the family drama. (Justin Lubin/AMC)

Some fans think the episode was a snooze-fest compared to The Walking Dead, while others insist we just need to give the show a little more time. A few tweets from the snooze camp include:

Others, however, think the show was perfect and very exciting:

2. Fans Are Talking About the Zombie Virus Origins

Fear the Walking Dead, patient zero, first zombie

This is the very first zombie we see in Fear the Walking Dead, but it won’t be the last. (Justin Lubin/AMC)

One question that comes up during Fear The Walking Dead is whether everyone who dies turns into a zombie or if it all started with a patient zero. In The Walking Dead, it’s made clear that everyone was infected and as soon as they died, bitten or not, they would turn into a virus. If someone is bitten or scratched by a zombie, he’ll first die from the scratch and then turn.

So people are asking if everyone in Fear The Walking Dead is already infected. The consensus seems to be that they are NOT and the virus might have possibly mutated at some point. A related possibility is that the virus started through the flu vaccine, which is mentioned frequently in the pilot episode, and eventually mutates to infect everyone.

3. Fans Are Loving That The Nerd Knew What Was Going to Happen

Fans are absolutely thrilled that Tobias, the resident geek/nerd, knew exactly what was coming. He had been online, watching videos and keeping up with news reports, and he knew exactly what to expect.

Meanwhile, his own guidance counselor — Madison — thought they should just rely on the government authorities to let them know when things got bad. Fans are loving the shoutout to figuring things out for yourself and researching online.

4. Some Are Concerned That The New Show Will Kill the Same Types of Characters

Fear the Walking Dead premiere

Matt’s fate is sketchy on Fear The Walking Dead. (Justin Lubin/AMC)

The Walking Dead developed an unfortunate reputation for killing off its most interesting black characters, and it almost became a running joke among fans. Of course, fan favorites of all ethnicities were killed too. But in the pilot of Fear the Walking Dead, one African-American character was killed immediately and another may be dead. So fans are starting to get worried. In fact, HitFix already interviewed the showrunner, Dave Erickson, about this very question. Erickson said that they wanted to make sure the background of the characters and their ethnicities mirrored the environment of Los Angeles. He said if you’re going to do a multi-ethnic cast, then ancillary characters are going to die, no matter what their ethnicity. He said they hated killing off the Calvin character, but it had to be done because no one is safe.

5. Apocalyptic Warning: This Is Your Brain on Drugs

Fear the Walking Dead, your brain on drugs

Fear The Walking Dead is a walking advertisement against drug use. (Justin Lubin/AMC)

So, Fear the Walking Dead lends a lot more credence to the idea that bath salts really were just a coverup for zombies. Throughout the premiere, Nick wonders if he really saw zombies or if he was just high on drugs. He also wonders if his girlfriend, Gloria, ate people because of some bad drugs. (Because drugs can apparently do that!) So, not only is the show a warning against drugs, but it’s a warning about the role drugs could play in the apocalypse. As some astute viewers pointed out: