Mitzi White, ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ 2015: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Mitzi White is tonight’s subject on season 5 of Extreme Weight Loss. For more information on White, click through our 5 Fast Facts below.

1. She Is A Food Addict

Mitzi became a food addict after the only man she ever loved left her for her neighbor. She decided to take comfort in food as well as material things. On the show, she gets to sit down and confront the man who made her turn to food.

2. Mitzi Is A Hoarder

When Heidi Powell goes with Mitzi to her home, Mitzi is very reluctant to let her in the house. She reveals that she is a hoarder, first telling Heidi that an ex was remodeling the home 8 years prior and just left it the way it was. She then tells her she hasn’t let anyone in her home for years. Heidi becomes nervous, but then sees that Mitzi is living the life of a hoarder.

3. The World’s Oldest Bodybuilder Ernestine Sheppard Appears On Mitzi’s Episode

As part of Mitzi’s transformation on the show, she gets to lift weights with the world’s oldest bodybuilder – Ernestine Sheppard. In addition, she learns about nutrition from celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito.

4. Dr. David Tolin From the Show Hoarders Tries to Help Mitzi

Because Mitzi is a hoarder, which is something that the Powells are not used to, they need to seek professional help for her. In fact, they enlist the help of Dr. David Tolin from the reality show Hoarders.

5. Mitzi Helps the Homeless

Mitzi makes it a point to help the homeless youth in her area. She’s a giving person, but doesn’t take care of herself.