Sara Harvey Helps ‘A’ as Redcoat on ‘Pretty Little Liars’

On the finale of Pretty Little Liars, we find out that “A” is actually CeCe Drake, the transgender brother of Alison. CeCe was once Charles DiLaurentis. As CeCe kidnaps Alison, the liars find a live feed at the Cassimi Group, which shows them CeCe revealing all her secrets to Alison. The girls discover that CeCe has taken Alison, her father and their brother Jason to Radley. With the help of “redcoat”, CeCe is going to blow up Radley with them all inside. But first, she wants to tell Alison and the liars her story.

And, redcoat turns out to be Sara Harvey. Sara has been helping CeCe all along. The news shocks and devastates Emily, who has been romantically involved with Sara.

It’s also revealed that Sara was Black Widow.

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