Brooks Ayers Cancer Update: The Latest News 10/12/15

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Brooks Ayers has been the focus of this past season of Real Housewives Of Orange County as his cancer diagnosis has been under scrutiny by many. All of this season’s cast members have been questioning whether his cancer is real or fake, especially Meghan King Edmonds. Now, however, it seems that Tamra Judge, who has tried to be a good friend to Vicki Gunvalson (the ex-girlfriend of Ayers), has come out and said that she believes his cancer is indeed fake. Judge has told The Inquistr:

I don’t think he has cancer, but that is not my problem to worry about. Lying about something like cancer when so many people are fighting it and [losing] their lives is [disgusting] and he will have to answer to God and the two million viewers … There were so many inconsistent stories circulating on camera and off. We all started noticing them immediately. Things just didn’t make sense! Why wouldn’t he see Shannon’s doctor? He was scheduled to film with her until she wanted to see his medical records. Where was this big binder full of medical records? Why did Vicki say she called Terry in the middle of the night? Why was Brooks drinking and traveling all over the place? Who stops chemo after 3 rounds when you’re not having secondary issues from it? There are so many unanswered questions.

Unfortunately for Ayers, there also seems to be a fraud investigation going on because of his showing documents on television, which he claimed were proving his cancer treatments. A source told Real Mr. Housewife:

Newport Imagine is considering investigating Brooks for fraud. Since his documents were shown on the air they have been getting non-stop phone calls about him and the documents he showed. They are starting to find this annoying. Since Newport Imaging doesn’t do the type of scan he showed on camera, they are possibly contemplating investigating him for fraud, as he used their logo.

As for what Vicki Gunvalson has to say, she has had enough of the “fake cancer” story line on the show. Tonight she appears on Watch What Happens Live, so we’ll have to see if she addresses any of the “fake cancer” allegations.

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