‘Heroes Reborn’ Episode 6: Recap & Theories for ‘Game Over’

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Theories abound after this amazing episode of Heroes Reborn. (Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)

Heroes Reborn has truly captured the same excitement and feelings that made season one of Heroes so amazing. Tonight’s episode, “Game Over,” was no exception. Did you get chills too when Hiro returned? He’s no longer the fresh-faced, excessively excited and optimistic hero we were introduced to in season 1. Now he’s more mature, understands the world better, but he also has amazing control over his powers. What exactly is Renautas planning and why did they need Hiro? What happened to Miko? Who is Tommy’s father?

This is the recap of episode 6, along with the top theories. And don’t forget — I’ll be publishing an interview with Masi Oka on Wednesday where we’ll talk about his upcoming role in Heroes Reborn. Bookmark this story or check Heavy’s homepage for a link!

1. A Few Stories Finally Intertwine

I kind of loved the way the writers brought disparate storylines and intertwined them tonight. Like when Malina saved Luke’s life (wasn’t that an AMAZING scene?!) and she showed him a photo of the boy she’s desperately looking for…And it was Tommy! The advent of Luke’s power ended his marriage, but it also ended his bloodhunt for Tommy. Meanwhile, Malina believes Tommy is going to save the world with her. So Luke’s new power may have brought him a lot of grief, but it also may have just saved the world! I can’t wait to see these two together.

Miko and Ren finally meet Noah and Quentin, and the story most definitely does NOT disappoint. When the season first began, I wasn’t sure how I felt about Miko transporting into a video game. But once I realized it was because that was where HIRO was being held, it all made sense! Hiro can only be held captive when he’s kept somewhere outside of space and time. But did Miko really sacrifice her life for him? Or did she just have to take his place in the cell? Oh, and by the way, if you’re wondering what the deal is with this “Leeroy Jenkins” that Miko and Ren are always shouting… Well, it’s all about this video:

Leroy JenkinsThe old Leroy jenkins video2012-02-07T14:03:55Z

Meanwhile, although we don’t know if Miko sacrificed her life, we do know that Quentin gave up his life for his sister. Did anyone think Phoebe was really going to kill him? It looks like she has truly gone to the dark side, literally and figuratively.

2. What Exactly Is Renautas Planning?

So, it appears that most of humanity is going to die because the sun is sending out a massive solar flare while the magnetic poles are shifting, leaving Earth defenseless. Renautas may be transporting supplies and people into the future, after everything is burned up, to start the world all over again on a “clean” slate. Perhaps Renautas is actually sending mostly EVOs, along with a few select “normals.”

But how is Renautas accessing the EVOs’ powers? A leading theory is that hidden somewhere deep in Reanutas’ machine is an EVO who can copy powers. Notably, either Peter or Sylar. I would love it if this were the case!

3. How Are Malina and Tommy Going to Save the World?

Malina seems a lot like Heroes’ version of The Avatar, with her ability to command air and water and…life? She has a string of pretty amazing powers and she might easily be the most powerful of all the EVOs right now. (Except for Hiro, of course.) Meanwhile, Tommy already has mastered his teleportation skills and he’s being protected by “The Pennyman.” But how are Malina and Tommy going to save the world? And who is Tommy’s father?

First, regarding the “saving the world” part, a leading theory is that Tommy might teleport all of humanity into Evernow so they won’t be killed by the solar flare. Malina, meanwhile, will bring all the plants on Earth back to life or perhaps divert the flare somehow. Or, Tommy will teleport Earth away from the flare and Malina will use her powers to temporarily keep the atmosphere in place until Tommy can teleport everyone back. Understandably, these theories seem to be far outside of either character’s current abilities, but maybe they will find a way to magnify their powers.

As far as Tommy’s father goes, some people think that Tommy is from the future, and his dad is either Nathan or Peter. Tommy’s mom called him Nathan in a previous episode, which creates a very strong possibility that Tommy is a Petrelli. One additional clue we have is that Tommy’s mom said she didn’t tell him about his father because he would try to save him. So either Tommy’s dad is evil and shouldn’t be saved, or he’s in a very dangerous place that would put Tommy’s life at risk. What do you think?

4. What Will Noah and Hiro Find Out About Odessa?

heroes reborn, hiro returns, heroes theories

Hiro’s back in Heroes Reborn! (Christos Kalohoridis/NBC)

Hiro’s return as “The Master of Time and Space” was very fitting to his character. Things are going to get seriously badass now that he’s back. When Hiro made Noah promise that he wouldn’t step on any butterflies in the past, I chuckled. It just seems very UN-Noah like to be gentle with his mission, especially if it involves his daughter. But what exactly will Noah and Hiro find out about Odessa? One theory is that we’ll find out that Claire really isn’t dead at all. Another theory is that Noah never saw her die until he went back in time, which is the real reason he doesn’t remember what happened. But if that were the case, why would he have needed The Haitian?

5. Fans Absolutely Loved This Episode

Fans were raving about how great episode six of Heroes Reborn was. Here are just a few reactions on Twitter:

Don’t forget to join us on Wednesday to read an interview with Masi Oka about Hiro’s future on Heroes Reborn!

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