‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Episode 5 Live Recap & Spoilers

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Tonight’s episode of American Horror Story: Hotel is titled “Room Service” and Lady Gaga revealed that it’s her favorite episode yet. Alex has been turned by The Countess and now she’s dealing with her new “life”. Iris is doing the same, but trying to hide it from The Countess. In the meantime, Donovan and Ramona are scheming against The Countess. The official synopsis for tonight’s show reads: Alex uses an unconventional treatment to save a dying patient; a Halloween-hating couple tests Iris’ limits. Read on for tonight’s live episode summary as the show airs, spoilers, official tweets and cast details.

Dr. Alex Lowe opens the episode looking terrible. She’s at work and takes her temperature, which reads 75.5 degrees. As she walks the hallways, she enters the room of a boy who she has been treating for the measles. The boy appears to be dying as his disease has turned to pneumonia. Alex tells the boy’s mother that she won’t give up on him as she tries to fight her new blood-thirsty urges. In the next scene, Alex is in the blood storage room of the hospital, feasting on its content. She has also drawn her own blood and decides to put it in the bloodstream of the boy who has fallen ill. She puts it into his IV drip and he completely recovers from his illness.

In the next scene, Donovan is banging on Ramona Royale’s door in the middle of the night and he’s brought his mother with him, who is shaking and suffering. Donovan tells Ramona that she’s drunk. He tells Ramona that Iris is their insider to get revenge on The Countess. Ramona realizes that Iris is not drunk and that Donovan turned her. Iris tells them that The Countess will know when she looks at her, but Donovan assures her that she is invisible to The Countess. Iris heads back to the hotel and Liz Taylor tells her she looks like shit. She says she needs a drink and he feeds her blood from The Countess’ “secret stash”. Taylor knows that she is a vampire. Iris is beside herself while Taylor finds her transformation exciting.

Next, we see a blood bath as the boy who had the measles, Max, has killed and feasted on both of his parents. He happily leaves the house and heads out to the school bus. Max heads to school as a pirate for Halloween and meets up with a girl named Madeline who likes him. He tells her how he almost died in the hospital. The two go into a room alone and kiss. Max bites her lip and then bites his own, telling her to drink his blood. When the teacher finds them, Max slits her throat and tells Madeline she has to drink her blood. Soon, all the students are writhing in agony and need to feast on human blood. Another teacher enters and they all attack him. The blood-covered teacher runs to the main office and the school gets put on lock-down. Police surround the school. By the time the police enter the school, most of the teachers appear to be dead. They “rescue” all the children, who are now vampires. The children make up a story of a man with a mask who was dressed in black.

We then see Detective John Lowe at the police station talking about the serial killer dinner party he had been invited to as a guest. He begins to lose it and talks about how he was drugged. He says that someone is recreating murders of killers from the past. John stresses that the answers are in the hotel. In response, the lieutenant says that he thinks the job is too much for him and John gets fired.

Two new guests try to check into the hotel and ask about discounts for “influencers.” They say they have a connection to Will Drake. The couple is not satisfied with the room of course and were hoping to be in one of the rooms that Drake may have redesigned. When the couple begins to question Iris with a condescending tone, she becomes upset. She makes her way downstairs and The Countess starts to leave for a Halloween party with Tristan. She tells Iris to give Drake a message to meet them. The Countess tells Iris that she looks nervous and Tristan tells her that she smells different. The two end up leaving her alone. The guests who Iris checked in call down to the front desk and request pate. Liz Taylor tells Iris to give them cat food. Iris then asks Taylor how he became to be a cross-dresser. Taylor reflects back to 1984 and says that he married his wife because they were the same dress size. He then takes a trip to Los Angeles with two friends and ends up at Hotel Cortez. Taylor then dresses in his wife’s clothes and orders a bottle of champagne. He has it left outside the door and when he goes back inside his room, he finds The Countess sitting on his bed. The Countess tells him that she’s been watching him. She tells him that he looks and talks like a man, but that he smells like a woman inside. Taylor begins to cry and says that he is so ugly. The Countess says that he doesn’t lack beauty, that he lacks commitment. Taylor then became her “living doll” and changed his name from Nick to Liz Taylor. The Countess helped him to be free and embrace who he was inside.

His buddies, who are also co-workers, confront him in the hallway and immediately turn on him when they see him dressed as a woman. The Countess comes to his rescue and slits both of their throats. Instead of “infecting” Taylor, The Countess hired him. He left his family to work at the Hotel Cortez and his kids no longer speak to him. Taylor tells Iris that the point is to stop taking shit from people. When Iris brings the guests the food they requested, they are extremely rude to her and continue to berate her. Iris snaps and kills them both, stabbing them to death and drinking their blood as she screams, “I matter.”

In the next scene, John wakes up and is startled to find Hypodermic Sally in his bed. He asks her how she got in his room and she says that he practically dragged her upstairs. He then remembers having sex with her and tells her that she needs to leave. Sally becomes angry and hurt. She says what they did was real and John tells her that he doesn’t remember anything. Sally says that he’s a liar and that it will continue to happen as it is their destiny. John has scratches all over his body.

Iris and Liz Taylor push the dead bodies in a laundry cart down the hallway in the next scene. They then throw the bodies down the “laundry chute.” The two drink the wine leftover from the dead guests and toast. Iris tells him, “I never knew how to live until I died.”

Alex is then shown in a black dress in the room of The Countess who has brought Holden to see her. Holden tells Alex that she’s just like him now. Alex agrees to work for The Countess as the governess of the children so she can stay with Holden forever. There is now a new glass coffin that is built to fit both Holden and his mother Alex.

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