Ivanka Trump Photos: Pictures of Donald’s Daughter

Donald Trump and daughter Ivanka have both gotten attention for their views on women, Ivanka's, however, are more poised and positive. This businesswoman, wife and mother may have inherited the the well-known Trump family tree trait of constantly being driven to succeed, but it seems she found a more approachable and likable manner to do it in. Donald Trump even admitted it in an interview with Vogue about his daughter, "first of all, she’s got tremendous heart and a great warmth, and people see that. While she can be a very tough person if she has to be, she really wants to see the best in people.” But Ivanka always talks about the great values her parents instilled in their children, such as being hardworking and competitive, and it seems she really does embody them. As if her strong family foundation and personal perseverance isn't enough, she's also married to a powerful businessman, oh, and they are raising two children. Click through for more information about Ivanka and the steps that have helped her achieve success. (Getty)