Barrett Baber – ‘The Voice’ 2015 Finalist

Barrett Baber

Barrett Baber, also known as "Dad" to the younger contestants on The Voice, is one of the top 4 finalists on the show for season 9. He's a country artist who has formed a special bond with his coach Blake Shelton and he's also a devoted family man. With his beautiful wife Sarah, Baber has two young children at home who are rooting for their daddy to win. But, contestant Jordan Smith may make that difficult as he's predicted to win this season. Barrett Baber tells E! News: I think it's obvious that Jordan's the best singer on the show and it would be a lie not to say that. He's consistently delivered the most amazing performances I think the show has ever seen. Regardless of this, the Arkansas native is confident in his craft, telling Vocally, I am really confident in what I can do, but also any chance that I get to hear advice or get pointers from somebody that is at the absolute peak of success in their industry as a writer, as a performer, as a vocalist, then I am all ears. I am looking forward to growing as an artist, to growing as a performer and really stretching my ability. Singing is something I’ve always done for a long, long time, it’s never been something that I’ve been uncomfortable doing. So now really I’m at a point where I kind of want to learn more and go to the next level and go from good to great. For more information on Baber and what to expect from him in the finale, click through our gallery of his best Instagram photos.