The Young and the Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: Is Adam Jealous of Nick?

The Young and the Restless returned on Monday with its usual Genoa City drama. Noah (Robert Adamson) reinforced his allegiance to Newman Enterprises while Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Sage (Kelly Sullivan) continued rekindling their romance with Adam (Justin Hartley) not being too thrilled about it.

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Here’s what happened on the Monday, December 28, 2015 episode:

Noah Reinforced His Allegiance to Victor

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Victor — pictured in Monday’s episode — holds Noah accountable for his Newman Enterprises loyalty promise. (CBS Screenshot)

It’s no secret that Noah isn’t fond of Luca (Miles Gaston Villanueva)hea and the Santoris. Making matters worse, Marisa (Sofia Pernas) — Noah’s former flame — is seemingly back in his arms. Knowing Noah would be inclined to seek revenge, Adam appointed him to be Luca and Marisa’s undercover liaison, as Luca continually refuses to halt business between the Santoris and the Newmans.

Victor tells Luca that the Santoris have no expertise in the field. Luca says he forgets who he’s talking to. Later, Noah apologizes for breaking Luca’s phone. Marisa says it’s not a problem. Marisa wants to know how it’s not uncomfortable for Noah to work with her and Luca. Noah insists he’s not going to roll up in a corner over their falling out and wants her to be happy. He says he’s available if she needs anything. Luca approaches and Noah thanks him for saving him job. Victor calls him in. Victor says he’ll keep up the game with Luca until he decides it’s up. Noah reinforces that Victor can trust him; wants the Santoris gone as well. Victor says some sacrifices have to be made; he must fight dirty. Victor says he will fight dirtier against Luca, if need be. Victor wants to be certain that Noah’s feelings for Marisa don’t get in the way. Victor tells Noah to just remember what he promised.

Later, Marisa is too distracted to work and tells Noah she’s worried about him. She suggests he quits because the Santoris are dangerous. He is okay with the risk. Luca approaches and says he’s a happy husband.

Nick & Sage’s Rekindled Romance Bothered Adam

While Adam and Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) continue co-existing as a couple, the latter has become increasingly concerned with Sage’s presence. Despite that Adam and Sage haven’t exchanged more than an embrace, it has been enough to worry Chelsea. Sage has been living next door in order to stay away from Nick and the pain of losing Christian.

After several unsuccessful attempts at getting Sage to return home, Nick is finally making some leeway. Chelsea sarcastically tells Adam he’s lacking in the wife appreciation department. Chelsea asks if he thought about having another baby with her. Chelsea leaves. Nick and Sage stumble through the door making out. Adam is surprised and says it’s too bad they missed the Christmas party. Adam says rebuilding Newman is a 24/7 thing; Nick is glad he’s no longer a part of it. He informs Nick — who didn’t know — that Noah is working with them now. Nick leaves, but stares down Adam. Adam brings up Christian to Sage and how she will never share a Christmas with him. He also bashes Nick and his carelessness. This upsets Sage. Adam apologizes and Sage says it’s okay. Victor approaches and Sage tells him she’s confused as to why Victor is again warning her to stay away from Nick and Adam. Victor insists he wants her to be happy. Sage leaves. Victor says Noah and the Santoris are a problem. Adam defends Sage to Victor. Victor threatens to expose Adam as Christian’s father. Soon after, Victor says that rebuilding Newman is the priority so he must be onboard.

Chelsea, Abby (Melissa Ordway) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) go over wedding dress options for Abby. Abby informs them about Jenna (Stephanie Lemelin) rubbing off on Max, which is crushing Stitch (Sean Carrington). Abby gets that when she thought Stitch was a crazed killer, but why now? Meanwhile, Jenna calls Stitch. The former is acting selfish and vindictive, according to Stitch. Dylan (Steve Burton) says he has every right to be upset, given the situation regarding his son. Dylan says if he and Sharon didn’t work out, she would never keep him from his kids.

Prior, Stitch confronts Billy (Burgess Jenkins) at the bar. Victoria says Billy and her were just talking. Billy apologizes for having took a swing at Stitch. Stitch forgives him. Abby says it’s a fresh, married start for them all. Victoria tells Abby and Stitch that Billy’s trying real hard, so the least she can do is give him a chance. Abby thinks owes Stitch some respect. Stitch calls her to sort stuff out; he knows he missed a lot of time with Max, but wants him to be a part of him and Abby’s wedding. Later, Stitch approaches Abby, who says he’ll always be there for his family no matter what. Abby hugs him. Sharon promises she won’t keep Dylan’s kids away if they didn’t work out. They embrace.

Later, Billy approaches Kevin (Greg Rikaart) at the station. He’s there to deal with the drunken driving incident. Billy says he’s cleaned up his act; Kevin says he’s got nothing for Billy. Billy still wants in on Kevin’s cyber project. Billy pushes, saying that he knows how to sell. Kevin finally admits he has nothing; the female hacker bailed.

Mariah Tells Sharon to Beware of Dr. Anderson

The Young and the Restless Cast, The Young and the Restless Actors, Sharon Newman Photos, Sharon Case Photos

Sharon continues trusting into Dr. Anderson, despite Mariah’s attempt to convince her otherwise. (CBS)

Dr. Sandy Anderson (Elizabeth Bogush) hasn’t been a good samaritan when it comes to her patients. Unbeknownst to all, she’s keen on getting Nick’s love back after he broke her heart as a teenager. Nick — who still doesn’t realize who Sandy is — recently had a deep conversation with her about love. Nick wondered how she could be so successful yet still be single. Sandy said she was focused on her career and spoke of a time when she was left too discouraged to even date. However, she then said that she now may be open to finding love again.

On Monday, Sharon (Sharon Case) tells Sandy about how joyous it was to celebrate the holidays with Nick and Sage. This surprises Sandy, who thought the two were spending time away from each other. When Sharon stops chatting with her, Mariah tells Sharon that Sandy crossed the line and she should see someone else. Sharon feels Mariah is only concerned because of her experience with Ian Ward (Ray Wise).

Nick informs Dr. Anderson that he went against her advice and pursued things with Sage. She’s surprised. Sandy says she’d hate for her next patient to be Sage since she’s seen how losing a child can affect someone. Sandy says Sage is just suppressing her emotions; being harmful. This discourages Nick, who thought they were making progress. Dr. Anderson thinks he should take a step back. Later, Sharon informs Nick that Marisa is the reason Noah is at Newman.

Sharon and Nick ask Faith (Alyvia Alyn Lind) how she feels about a new home in the Newman building. She’s happy as long as she’s close to Sully. Later, Nick and Faith show up to Sage’s and tell her they’re relocating there.

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