Chris Pratt & Anna Faris: The Pictures You Need to See

Get ready for a pretty solid onslaught of adorable. In other words, get ready for Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. The stars, who are both nominated for a People's Choice Award on Wednesday night, have been married since 2009 and have one son (also adorable) together are not only absurdly photogenic, they're mutually hysterical and, if social media posts are anything to go off of, they're also pretty darn happy. Can you guys say #RelationshipGoals? Oh, and did we also mention that they're open about how much they love each other? Go ahead and try and find an interview over the past seven years where they don't mention how happy they are to have the other one in their life. See, we promised adorable. That is adorable. Click through the to check out some of the pair's best photo moments together and learn about their road to romance. (Instagram)