CT Tamburello & Diem Brown

CT Tamburello & Diem Brown

Remembering the love that CT Tamburello and Diem Brown shared is something that is truly heartbreaking. Brown battled ovarian cancer since she first appeared on MTV to participate in one of "The Challenges." Last season, Brown fell ill while filming and it was discovered that her cancer had returned. She was forced to leave the show and CT stuck by her side, following her to the hospital, where he stayed. Sadly, just a couple months later she passed away and CT was left devastated. He had even bought her a beautiful ring as it was reported that he proposed to her on her death bed. Their relationship was full of ups and downs, but they had a love that was full of passion. After her death, CT thought he'd never return to television again, telling MTV: Originally, I didn’t think I was going to do anything related to TV anymore. After what had happened, I basically dug myself into a hole and detached myself from everything. CT and Faith will not be joining the show as contenders, but they will be giving a demo of one of the obstacles in memory of Diem. CT revealed to MTV: If I was going to do it, I can’t think of a better way to do it. Where it all started. Diem used to always say ’Faith is my heart, that’s my heart.’ To me, it made it a lot easier going into it like this. He also told People Magazine that: I felt like I was there with [Diem], being on there with Faith. Diem always called Faith her heart. For me to kind of poke my head out of my hole – you know, because I kind of went dark [this past year], and I didn't want to do anything with anybody – to be able to come back on just to do a little guest spot, it was really nice. If I was going to come back on the show, I couldn't have thought of a better way to do it than with Faith right there next to me. Though CT is not competing on the show this time, it is refreshing and heart-warming to see him again and to remember Diem Brown. For more details on Diem and CT's feelings on returning to the show, click through our gallery of their best Instagram photos together over the years.

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