ABC Family Becomes Freeform Channel & Is Free of DVR Issues

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ABC Family has re-branded itself to become the Freeform TV channel. But why would it do that since the network is not suffering in its numbers? The network’s current viewership primarily consists of teens and women ages 18 to 34, but it hopes to broaden its audience even more by changing its name. Freeform will continue to show your favorite programs from The Fosters to Pretty Little Liars, so don’t worry.

The channel chief Tom Ascheim told USA Today that:

Like any business, we need to grow. We have really happy core customers. They know our name, they know our attributes.

Ascheim felt that ABC Family was too specific and not a good representative of what the network was about since they have been showing edgier shows. And, for those worried if their DVR’s will be able to still record their favorite shows, Ascheim assures viewers that:

DVRs are smarter than [humans] are, and they will find their way to the right show. They will find Pretty Little Liars and Shadowhunters independent of a channel [name]. Fear not.

So, what went into the name change decision? Ascheim told TVLine that:

[The new name] builds on ABC Family’s existing strategy of super-serving ‘Becomers’ – a life stage that spans people who are 14-34, navigating the wonderful, fun, exciting, and scary time in life when you experience the most firsts – first car, first apartment, first job, first love, first heartbreak … all the firsts that exists between who they are and who they want to become.

The choice of “Freeform” actually came about after rave reviews in focus groups.

It’s the end of an era.

Freeform, ABC Family, ABC Family Freeform, Freeform TV Channel, Freeform Logo, Freeform Definition

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Charlotte Feldman

I do not usually watch the former ABC Family channel but today by chance i saw you were screening the classic Disney animated classic “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”
It was appalling to see not only the excessive number of commercials but the number of completely inappropriate for children ads. Are you crazy? Young childen should not be exposed to ads for programs that feature gratuitous sex and violence and ads for male enhancement drugs and ‘feminine products.’

It is fortunate that my grandchildren were not watching this. What idiot in your marketing department thought these ads should be featured with a children’s program.
I have kept a list of the twenty-some ads that were shown each time there was a commercial break and I will be sure to avoid these products.

The channel should be called Free Fall not Free Form. Nice. Very Nice.

Lydia Church

I’m so glad you changed the name of your channel. Your programs are not “family friendly” but it was hard to explain to my kids that they weren’t allowed to watch the “family channel” until they were 17. I LOVE your channel…. Really excited about the new Shadow Hunters program!!! My college age kids & I watch your channel all the time now