Selma Blair as Kris (Jenner) Kardashian – ‘American Crime Story: The People V. O.J. Simpson’

Selma Blair as Kris (Jenner) Kardashian

When OJ Simpson was on trial for murder, Kris Jenner's last name was still Kardashian, from her ex-husband Robert. Robert Kardashian was one of the lawyers who defended OJ in the trial as he was a good friend to the former athlete. This caused a major rift within the Kardashian family as they were longtime friends of OJ and his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson. OJ was on trial for the murders of Nicole and her friend Ron Goldman. Selma Blair takes on the role as Kris Jenner and she says that her taking the part helped her to form a good friendship with Jenner. Blair told E! News: I gained a friend that I cherish, I really do. She's a warm and generous and open and giving woman. And this was her best friend. This isn't a story about Kris Jenner, my character, but Nicole Brown Simpson was a young woman with a group of friends who loved her and I know Kris hopes this raises some awareness for domestic violence by revisiting this case and Nicole ... She just told me really intimate sweet things about their friendship and the guacamole that [Nicole] made and just things to make it really human to me. Because I watched the case when it happened and it was just nice to have little personal things to put in my back pocket. And to realize that Kris loved her. Selma Blair has a net worth of $14 million while Jenner's wealth is estimated at $40 million. (Getty)