‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ (B&B) Spoilers: Quinn & Liam Set to Fall in Love

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The Bold and the Beautiful returned on Wednesday with an all-new episode as Sasha (Felisha Cooper) amped up her efforts bedding Zende (Rome Flynn) while Katie (Heather Tom) continued venting about her estranged relationship with Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang).

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Sasha Kicked Her Attraction to Zende Into High Gear

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Sasha — pictured in Wednesday’s B&B episode — continues pursuing Zende and bashing Nicole. (CBS Screenshot)

In Bill’s (Don Diamont) office, he tells Katie that he loves her and he’s there for her. Katie thinks that Brooke was hoping that to reciprocate.

Inside the studio, Zende tells Sasha — who’s expressing her interest in him — that he enjoys working with her too, but is committed to Nicole (Reign Edwards). Sasha acknowledges that Nicole did get her her modeling gig back, but she won’t thank her for being guilty and changing her mind. Sasha tells Zende that maybe she should teach her a lesson and prove her right for thinking she shouldn’t be trusted.

Nicole tells Maya — who’s curious about Sasha and Zende’s dynamic — that girls like Sasha don’t get jealous; they get what they want. Nicole explains that guys would never give her a second look around Sasha. But now she’s the one with a boyfriend.

Sasha continues bad-mouthing Nicole to Zende, saying that her bestie burned her. Zende wants her to put it into their photo shoot. Sasha poses sexily.

Brooke continues venting to Eric (John McCook) about the fallout with Katie. Eric suggests that Brooke, Rick (Jacob Young), Maya (Karla Mosley) and him all go out to dinner to celebrate their future grandchild. Brooke obliges and is appreciative.

Katie thanks Bill for accepting that Brooke isn’t part of their lives anymore. Bill says it’s his job to protect her. She leaves to pick up their son; Bill appears frustrated.

Nicole, Rick and Maya watch Sasha pose for Zende. Rick and Maya like what they see. Rick says he’s glad everthing worked out between Nicole and Sasha. Nicole asks Zende if he’s coming out with the Forresters. He tells her that he’s not coming; this surprises Nicole. He thinks it’s something Nicole should do without him. She ends up being okay with it. Later, Eric acknowledges that says Zende and Sasha have something special going inside the studio.

Later at Zende’s, Sasha shows up and gets into his personal space. She thinks that Nicole’s pregnancy must be hell for him. He says he’s waiting for her, nonetheless. Sasha tells him it will take a long time for her to recover, even after that he can’t expect her to be ready to jump his bones.

By herself, Katie pours herself a drink and picks up a photo of herself and Brooke that she had faced down.

Bill — not known to Katie — shows up at Forrester. Brooke thinks he shouldn’t be there. Bill tells her that the situation with Katie can be fixed; he’ll do everything he can to get through to Katie.

Sasha calls Zende — who’s shirtless — is handsome, sexy and sophisticated. Sasha says she can feel that he’s attracted to her. She thinks it’s selfish of Nicole to make him wait. Sasha says that they should be friends with benefits; Nicole would never know because she can keep a secret like a steel trap.

Katie speaks to her brother Storm’s (William deVry) photo, saying she misses him so much. She vents that Brook wants to take everything away from her and she’s not going to let that happen again.

Bill tells Brooke that he’s worried about her and Katie. Meanwhile, Katie thinks back to the first time that Brooke hurt her with Bill.

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