‘Bad Girls Club: Twisted Sisters’ Cast 2016

"Bad Girls Club: Twisted Sisters" Cast 2016

This is the first season on the show with a cast full of sisters. Not only will the cast's relationships focus on the bonds and fights as a whole, it will also focus on what goes down between sisters. The season 15 BGC cast is made up of 8 women, broken up into sets of two - The Competitive Cuties, The Staten Stunners, The Swanky Swindlers and The Sultry Sirens. Usually on the show, at least one woman is replaced for physical fighting or violence. We'll have to see if any of these sisters have to call it quits. The official plot synopsis of this season's show reads: Oxygen's fan-favorite original series “Bad Girls Club" returns with a new twist as four sets of feisty sisters move into the mansion on Tuesday Nights this spring. These fierce alpha females are eager to improve their relationships with each other and confront their issues head on. The girls will not only face tension with family, but will also have to tackle the clashing personalities of their other housemates. Life coach Laura Baron will work with the sisters in hopes to tame their tempers and strive to strengthen their bond with one another. For more information on the show as well as each of the cast members, click through our cast gallery. (Photo by: Kareem Black/Oxygen)