‘Bates Motel’ Season 4 Cast & Live Premiere Spoilers

'Bates Motel' Season 4 Cast

Season 4 of Bates Motel premieres with an even darker Norman (if you can imagine that). Sweet Norman is almost completely lost and a desperate Norma is pulling at straws, trying to hold on to what's left of her little boy. Read on for the full recap on tonight's big premiere as it airs and click through our gallery for spoilers on each of the main cast members.

Sheriff Romero has officially committed murder and Norman Bates is considered to be missing. Norman wakes up in a field with dried blood on his face and immediately starts hallucinating, having conversations with his mother who is not there. A local man approaches him out of concern and Norman charges him only to get knocked out with a firm punch from the man. Meanwhile, mother Norma and brother Dylan are worried sick about him.

Norman has been taken to a psychiatric unit in a hospital and his mother races to be by his side while Dylan tells her he cannot go. Dylan says he needs to go to Portland as Emma is getting a lung transplant. Norma now finds out that Dylan and Emma are an item.

Norman wakes up in restraints on a stretcher at the county hospital and says he’s worried about his mother. He also seems to not remember anything that has happened. When Norma goes to the hospital, she has to answer questions about Norman’s blackouts and condition. Unfortunately, Norma is not allowed to see Norman because he is 18 years old and is being held under observation.

While Dylan is waiting for Emma to get out of surgery, her mother shows up at the hospital, which is a surprise to him as well as Emma’s father. Emma’s dad is not at all happy to see her. Fortunately, Emma’s surgery goes well.

Norma visits Romero in hopes that he can help her get to Norman. She also visits a swanky home to put Norman in immediately, but is unsuccessful with the facility. As she is leaving, she approaches one of the doctors there and tries to convince him to see Norman. Norma levels with the doctor and he decides to see Norman once he is released.

While Norman is being held in the hospital, he has flashbacks of his mother mixed with hallucinations during his killings.

Emma’s mother ends up checking in to the Bates Motel but doesn’t disclose to Norma her relation to Emma.

The hospital decides to discharge Norman and Norma races to pick up her son. Prior to picking up Norman, she brings Emma’s mother breakfast at her room, who ends up opening up to Norma about her true identity. Norma dismisses her and moves on to retrieve her son. The hospital tells Norma that her son absolutely needs immediate help or he will have to be returned to the hospital. Norma is notified that social services will be keeping in contact with her. When Norma finds Norman, the two embrace and leave together.

Emma’s mom pleads with Norma to deliver a letter to Emma, but Norma refuses. Meanwhile, Norman and his mother are enjoying their time together, though Norma tells her son he needs to see a doctor. Norman pleads with her to never send him away and tells her he had horrible dreams while in the hospital. Norma begins to worry eve more about her son’s mental state.

Norma calls Sheriff Romero and leaves to go meet him in the morning while locking Norman in the house. She goes to meet Romero, asking him to marry her so that she can use his insurance to get Norman into a good facility. He denies her.

When Norman wakes up, his mother is gone and he becomes enraged, knocking down the door. Norman again begins to hallucinate, trying on his mother’s clothes, envisioning himself as her. Against Norma’s wishes, Emma’s mother makes her way up to the house with a letter for Emma and a stuffed animal. Norman answers the door as his mother. Dressed in Norma’s robe, Norman lets her inside and sits down to talk. Emma’s mother talks about Emma’s father and says that he had a violent temper. She says that she regrets leaving Emma and wants her to know that she loves her. Norman snaps and strangles her to death.

Now that you are up to speed on the terror that Bates Motel brings back to the A&E network, click through our gallery to re-familiarize yourself with the cast.
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