‘The Real World: Go Big or Go Home’ Cast 2016


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Chris is PC bully. To be honest, all Jeanna said is that gay sex is gross. Every straight person on earth thinks gay sex between two men is gross. That doesn’t mean we hate gay people, and that doesn’t make all of us bigots. It’s natural to think that, if we didn’t we would be having gay sex all the time. But Jeanna is wrong saying being gay is a choice. If the world were opposite, and you were supposed to be attracted to the same sex, do you think you could do that? I know I couldn’t change what I’m attracted too. It’s not something that you control, you’re attracted to what you’re attracted too and that can’t be changed. Bottom line, Chris needs to have a thicker skin, and Jeanna needs to be a little more open minded.


Um, I am a straight person. And I don’t think gay sex is gross, between men or women.
So you need to think before you take it upon yourself to speak for the entire straight community.


So miss open mind do you thinking fisting is gross, or anal stretcing to make a rose bud? Not my kink and I do not judge but does not mean I think its not gross to watch personally and if your straight why would you watch gay sex or have you ever even done that? hmmm?

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