Trent Harmon – ‘American Idol’ 2016 Contestant

Trent Harmon

Harmon is one of the most gifted contestants on American Idol, with a style all his own. He is also a former contestant from the show The Voice. So, how was Harmon's experience on The Voice different from that of Idol? Harmon told the Monroe County Journal: I didn’t realize is the casting process for "The Voice" is different from "American Idol." They do not just let people audition. You are asked to audition for them. They want people who have already polished their singing skills. American Idol is more about molding and helping the talent grow into the best performer they can be. All the lights and action, however, are not what Harmon is used to. He misses his family's farm life, but he is more than excited to be living out his dream on the Idol stage. In addition to singing, Harmon plays the piano, drums and guitar. He is also eager to embrace challenges and continue to grow. For more information on Harmon, his life before Idol and how he's changed on the show, click through our gallery of his best photos. (Ray Mickshaw / FOX.)