Teddy Sears & Milissa Skoro: The Pictures You Need to See

Teddy Sears plays a particularly bad guy on The Flash. In fact, he plays several of them. The actor, who joined The CW hit earlier this season, plays a handful of characters on a handful of different reality plans, including the villainous Zoom who, just like week, stole The Flash's super speed. See, bad guy. But while Sears is a convincing villain on our TV screen, his real personality couldn't be farther from the characters he plays on The Flash. In real life, Sears is a good guy, a really good guy. Just ask his wife, Milissa Skoro. The pair, who have been married for nearly three years, are each other's biggest source of support, helping each other keep on the straight and narrow even when things get fairly dramatic. It's all adorable. Need some more proof of Sears' goodness and his relationship's adorable-ness? Just click through the gallery and check out some of the couple's best moments. (Instagram)

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