‘The Walking Dead’: Carol’s Best Moments

Carol is a fan favorite with The Walking Dead. You won't find any spoilers here about who is going to live or die in tonight's dreaded season six finale. What we do know is that Carol has taken off, tired of having to kill for the people she loves. She's seen some major character growth over the season of The Walking Dead, and we really hope that doesn't stop now.

According to statistics that Uproxx put together, Carol didn't make the list of most kills as of March 2015. But we find that a little hard to believe. She singlehandedly destroyed Terminus, she and Maggie got out alive when they were kidnapped, and she picked off four men who surrounded her car when she was on the road alone. Carol is a badass. Click through the gallery to see more photos and relive some of Carol's best moments on The Walking Dead. The season six finale premieres Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. Eastern. (Gene Page/AMC)