Jamie Foxx’s Net Worth: 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

Jamie Foxx Net Worth, Jamie Foxx, Jamie Foxx sings, Jamie Foxx performs

Jamie Foxx appeared at the “Hillary Clinton: She’s With Us” concert on June 6 in Los Angeles. (Getty)

Jamie Foxx, 48, is an Oscar-winner who successfully transitioned from stand-up and comedy on In Living Color to more serious roles. Foxx, who was born Eric Marlon Bishop, has also had a successful music career, headlined by the smash success of 2005’s Unpredictable. He’s recorded four albums, with the most recent one being 2015’s Hollywood: A Story of a Dozen Roses.

At the moment, Foxx has been in the news thanks to some tabloid rumors about his relationship with actress Katie Holmes. Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Claudia Jordan said that they were together, but she later told Entertainment Tonight that she “misspoke,” adding, “I’ve never seen them together, he’s never told me he’s dating her.” Foxx has too many projects on his plate to worry about what the tabloids say about him. He’s got three movies in production.

As for his net worth, Celebrity Net Worth reports that Foxx has an estimated net worth of $100 million.

Here’s a look at how Foxx makes his money, how he spends it and his life.

1. Foxx Has Starred in Nine Movies That Made Over $100 Million

Jamie Foxx Net Worth, Jamie Foxx Ray Charles, Jamie Foxx sings, Jamie Foxx sunglasses

Jamie Foxx won an Oscar for playing Ray Charles in ‘Ray.’ (Getty)

Foxx is an A-lister and the box office results of his work will attest to that. According to Box Office Mojo, Foxx has appeared in nine movies that have crossed the $100 million mark in North America. His top-grossing film is 2014’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It might have been hit hard by critics and fans, but it still made $202.8 million for Sony. Foxx played the villain Electro in the film.

The second highest-grossing film on Foxx’s resume is Django Unchained, the Quentin Tarantino-directed Western that grossed $162.8 million in North America. Foxx’s other hit credits include Rio, Rio 2, Horrible Bosses, Dreamgirls and Collateral.

Foxx’s first dramatic movie was Oliver Stone’s Any Given Sunday (1999). In an interview with The Post Game in 2014, Foxx called it his favorite movie that he made. Audiences liked it too, and the film made $75.5 million.

2. Foxx’s ‘Unpredictable’ Sold 2 Million Copies & His Latest Album Hit Number 1 on R&B Chart

Jamie Foxx net worth, Jamie Foxx Golden Globes, Jamie Foxx stand-up

Jamie Foxx presented at the 2016 Golden Globes with Lily James. (Getty)

If Foxx wanted to hit the pause button on his film career, he could focus on his music and still do well. He has recorded five albums and scored the biggest hit of his career with 2005’s Unpredictable. That album has been certified 2X Platinum by the RIAA, selling 2 million copies. The title track was released as a single and certified Platinum (1 million copies sold) and “DJ Play a Love Song” was certified Gold (500,000 copies sold).

Foxx followed Unpredictable with Intuition (2009) and the single “Blame It,” which were both certified platinum.

Foxx’s most recent album is 2015’s Hollywood: A Story of a Dozen Roses, which debuted at the top of the R&B Billboard chart. It sold 31,000 copies in its first week, which gave it the 10 spot on the Billboard 200 Albums chart.

3. Foxx Keeps The Mothers’ Identities of His Two Daughters a Secret

Jamie Foxx Net Worth, Jamie Foxx daughters, Annalise Bishop, Corinne Foxx

Jamie Foxx and his two daughters, Corinne and Annalise. (Getty)

Foxx has never married, but he does have two daughters and does his best to keep their mothers’ identities a secret. His oldest, Corinne Foxx, is 21 and was Miss Golden Globes 2016. He also has a 7-year-old daughter named Annalise Bishop, notes E! News.

“She’s 7. She’s totally different though. She want it all,” Foxx told Ellen DeGeneres about Annalise. “Like we had to drive into L.A., and I said, ‘Which car do you want to take?’ And she said, ‘I want the Rolls Royce with the top back.'”

Will Jamie Foxx Ever Get Married? | Oprah's Next Chapter | Oprah Winfrey NetworkJamie Foxx, the father of two daughters, often sings about love, but he tells Oprah he may not be built for marriage. Watch as Jamie shares his thoughts on monogamy, matrimony and more. Plus, Jamie reveals his rules for dating. For more on #nextchapter visit bit.ly/1OPX6ah Find OWN on TV at oprah.com/FindOWN #OWNTV #nextchapter #Oprahwinfrey…2012-12-18T20:12:29.000Z

In an interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2012, Foxx admitted that he doesn’t think he’s “built” for marriage. He said his one piece of advice for anyone else in Hollywood is to never let anyone know who you’re dating. He’s followed his own advice, since the identities of Annalise and Corinne’s mothers remain unknown.

4. Foxx Saved a Man’s Life Outside His $10.5 Million Southern California Mansion

Jamie Foxx Saves Driver From Burning Truck Outside His HomeA suspected drunk driver is alive, thanks to the quick and courageous actions of actor Jaime Foxx and another passerby. Kristine Lazar reports.2016-01-20T05:15:26.000Z

Back in January 2016, Foxx saved a 32-year-old Brett Kyle’s life by pulling him out a wrecked car that burst into flames just outside the actor’s home. There was a bystander who helped out and turned out to be an EMT. He also called 911 for Kyle, who was allegedly driving under the influence.

“I’m not a hero… but had to do something,” Foxx said of the incident, reports ABC News.

“Met the father of the young man from last night today,” Foxx later wrote on Instagram. “This is all that matters. That a man, a son, a brother’s life was spared last night. God had his arms wrapped around all of us…No heroes…Just happy fathers.”

The home Foxx saved Kyle in front of cost Foxx $10.5 million, Variety reported in 2007. The Hidden Valley, California estate covers 40 acres and has 10 bedrooms and 12 bathrooms.

5. Foxx Helped Raise Record $2 Million for a Down’s Syndrome Charity & Helped Hurricane Katrina Victims

Jamie Foxx Net Worth, Jamie Foxx, Jamie Foxx singing, Jamie Foxx performing

Jamie Foxx performs at the Shrine Auditorium in November 2015. (Getty)

Foxx has shown his charitable side several times in recent years. In 2005, Foxx met with Hurricane Katrina victims at an NAACP event. “The reason you have to do this is you have to let them know that you’re real,” he told them. He also supported the ONE Campaign, appearing in a PSA. Foxx also promised to help Promise For Education, an initiative set up by the University of California in 2015 to help them raise $1.3 million.

In October 2015, the Daily Mail reported that Foxx helped raise a record $2 million for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation. His sister, DeOndra Dixon, 31, has Down’s Syndrome.

“One thing people may not understand is that the person with special needs, the love that they give you is unfiltered,” Foxx told People Magazine in 2011. “There is nothing in the way of them loving you and there is nothing in the way of them being upset with you either. You really get the true individual. It’s challenging, but it is moments like this that make it all work. She’s a superstar now.”

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