WATCH: Drunk Pokemon Go Snapchat From Victor Pope Jr. Goes Viral

A video of a man drunkenly ranting about Pokemon Go on Snapchat has gone viral.

In the video, which is accompanied by a caption that reads “I’m also 67% drunk,” the man says that he wants to go Pokemon hunting, but he isn’t sure if Pokemon will be out so late.

He then proceeds to cry while singing the Pokemon theme song.

The video became an instant viral hit, with the original tweet amassing 30,000 retweets and landing on the front page of Reddit.

The man in question is actually a popular Los Angeles comedian and Vine star named Victor Pope Jr., whose Vine page has 1.3 million followers. He said in an interview that all of his Vines are improvised, and that he got into Vine when he was taking a break from stand up comedy.

“I saw [Vine] as a bigger and easier platform to tap into,” he said. “It wasn’t hard adapting as I thought it would be. My comedic timing just needed to speed up obviously.”

He also said that comedy is the thing he is best at and that he hopes to one day become the voice of his generation.

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