Why Is Teresa Giudice Fighting With Cousins Rosie Pierri & Kathy Wakile on RHONJ?

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What’s the deal with Teresa Giudice’s relationship, or lack thereof, with family members Rosie Pierri and Kathy Wakile? We’ve seen them butt heads on past seasons over disagreements, but it looks like their relationship has only worsened. On Real Housewives of New Jersey this season, Wakile and Pierri appear to try to make amends with their cousin, but Giudice is not eager to jump back into a relationship with them. This season, she tells them that she just wants “to cut the cancer out.” This week, Wakile appeared on Reality Checked with Amy Phillips and her response to Giudice’s cancer comment was this:

You know what, I found it offensive and I had to stay focused of my mission for that lunch and it wasn’t to fight and she had been through so much and I wasn’t going to fight. I have a lot of cuts in my tongue [from] constantly biting it. So I just had to put that out there, how do you even say something like that to me? You know my father died of cancer. I have a daughter that has suffered two brain tumors. How do you talk like that to me? My daughter, thank God, she’s great [and] she’s fine; hers were benign. But how do you even talk like to me? How do you say that? So, it took a lot of restraint to just keep focus of what the mission was of that lunch and it was to try and smooth things out and try and be supportive, that’s all.

Check out Wakile’s interview with Amy Phillips below.

So, what’s going on with Wakile’s relationship with Giudice right now? Wakile explained:

Have I talked to them? Well, I’ve sent them texts. Yeah, I think I’ve gotten response from Melissa [Gorga]. I don’t think I’ve gotten any repsonse from Teresa.

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In previous seasons, Giudice had issues with her brother Joe Gorga and especially Joe’s wife Melissa, but now it looks like things are changing. Giudice recently wrote this in her Bravo blog:

It made me emotional to see how excited Joey and Melissa were for me to come home. Things with them are better than ever, I have to say, which makes me so happy. I feel like things are back to the way they were with them, thank God.

Previously, in 2015, Melissa Gorga told OK! that:

Family is so crazy because we’ve had some pretty serious arguments. Sometimes it takes a horrible situation to make families realize how important one another are.

At least Giudice’s relationship with Melissa and Joe Gorga is back on track.