‘Married At First Sight’ Season 4 Couples


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Just to be clear: These experts are not experts at anything. They haven’t matched one couple since season 2. They are utterly clueless.
With that said:
1) The only interesting couple is Derek and Heather because they are SO MISMATCHED; and it is a hoot.
– Definitely mismatched because Derek smokes. WTF were they thinking? That never works.
– Heather, while I wouldn’t kick her out of bed the first night… she would never sleep in my bed ever after. She is a classless dick and YES! SHE WAS TOTALLY FLIRTING!!! Derek nailed it. She didn’t “need help getting out in to the ocean with the intructor.” That was jut her lame justification for what she told Derek about her “no touch me” policy on her wedding day and then trying to weasel her way out of getting TOTALLY BUSTED with a total stranger. She was totally wrong and will not totally own up to it. So all she does is turn it all on DEREK and call him a child??? Nice try at saving face, but NO F’ING WAY..
– I’ll say it again: “a totally classless dick who thinks her poop don’y stink…” AND IT REEKS!!!

2) Derek: MAN UP! Be done. Scuttle this bitch and end it. Stop being a trooper. Stop looking desparate. Treat Heather like dirt and then put these NON_EXPERTS in their place. Walk away.

And oh yeah!
3) Pastor Al is a coward. “We picked you because of the potential for you two and now it’s up to you….?????????????????” What a dick. He’s doing the same thing as Heather. Refusing to own up to his collosal failure as a so-called expert. So he’s trying to turn it back on them???

4) Nick… he’s just boring. He was boring from birth. NO! Strike that. He was boring from conception. He will always be boring. What the hell could these clearly defined NON-EXPERTS have possibly been thinkning picking this utterly uncharismatic guy to be on TV for an entire season. Holy CHIT!!!

5) The other two??? Well they’re so uninteresting, I don’t even know their names.
BUT… when that girl finds out he lives in a bus and has a lame job.. NO WAY she is going to hang with that???
“I’m not ready for this honeymoon to end (because now I have to tell her about my bus and my job).”


Experts screwed up on these couples. Couldn’t be more wrong for each other! The worst coupled couples ever!!!


heather is the biggest butch ever! She will be single for a very long time!


i hate that judgemental and self proclaimed classy woman hahah kidding

Cheryl S.

Didn’t she tell the experts she didn’t want a guy who smokes. Why did they match her up with him?

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