LEGO Star Wars: The ‘Rogue One’ Set Photos You Need to See


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Christopher Perrien

Toys for rich kids. Plus not much “lego” there. Pieces just build the one thing, no imagination required.

This stuff is getting close to “collector” plates, I fear, and about as functional for it original purpose as well. Beside the outlandish pricing for merely molded plastic.


Accounting for inflation, Legos are actually cheaper than they were 20 years ago. They are a higher-end toy, built to exacting standards. I’ll gladly pay to keep it that way.

The suggestion that the pieces are not universally usable is absolutely laughable. I am intimately familiar with every piece used in each of the new sets. I have used all of them routinely in many of my customs models. I LOVE it when new parts come out. I recently bought the Jurassic World 75916 set just to check out the new sphere pieces and see what kind of new creations they might inspire.

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