Comedy Central Rob Lowe Roasters: Who Is On the Dais?

Rob Lowe Roasters for Comedy Central Dais

Tonight Rob Lowe gets roasted on Comedy Central by a dais of random celebrities. The host of the event is David Spade and the roasters lined up to make fun of Lowe ranged from athletes to comedians to movie stars. After getting his ass handed to him on stage, E! News asked Lowe what he thought of the event and he joked: I'm just glad there's something left of me. I think I'm in tatters still up there on that stage. But they were all so funny and I just love a good joke. It's like you're in the NFL—you hit hard. This is the NFL. You're here to hit hard. There are other places to do soft jokes. You want to bring your soft shit, fucking do a late night show. But if you're on a Comedy Central roast, you better bring your A-game. According to E! Lowe's friend Gwyneth Paltrow declined when asked to participate in the roast. For all the details on each one of the roasters for tonight, click through our gallery of the dais members. (Comedy Central)

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