Ashley Kirk, Geoffrey Edelsten’s Girlfriend: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Eccentric Australian entrepreneur Geoffrey Edelsten has unveiled his latest “squeeze” to the world. Edelsten, who is in the midst of a split from socialite Gabi Grecko, has reportedly hitched up with Playboy model Ashley Kirk, 26. Kirk, a native of Gross Point, Michigan, is also an actress and has appeared in movies with Bruce Willis and Ray Liotta.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Edelsten Has Said That There Is ‘Sensational Chemistry’ Between the Pair

Geoffrey Edelsten Ashley Kirk


Edelsten, 73, told the Daily Telegraph in Australia that he and Kirk have “sensational chemistry.” There is a 47 year age gap between the couple. The newspaper reports that Edelsten and Kirk met while he was in the U.S. on a business trip in September 2016. Edelsten then referred to his ex-wife, Gabi Grecko, as “old news,” saying that divorce papers had already been filed. notes in their report on the Kirk and she and Grecko bear a “striking resemblance” to one another.

2. She Is Described as a ‘Restless & Determined’ Actress

According to her IMDb page, Kirk is a native of Grosse Point, Michigan. That profile says she is “restless and determined.” She has appeared in three movies, Vice and and Precious Cargo, both with Bruce Willis, and another, Pawn, with Ray Liotta.

While on her Twitter page, Kirk says that she is “predictably unpredictable.”

3. Kirk Appeared in a Playboy Series Known as ‘Student Bodies’ & Has a Degree in Merchandising Marketing

Kirk gave an interview with Esquire Malaysia in 2013, just after she had appeared in Playboy’s “Student Bodies.” She also went to the infamous mansion to work as a body-paint model during for a year.

On her Model Mayhem page, Kirk says that she will not pose nude. She writes on that profile that she spends her time between Los Angeles and Miami. Among her credits are Esquire, FHM and Maxim.

She told Esquire about her move from Michigan to Los Angeles saying:

I moved from Grosse Pointe, Michigan, to Los Angeles to further my studies. I got my Associate’s Degree in Merchandising Marketing from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising.

Then I got my Bachelor’s in Communications from The California State University. After that, I was doing styling and PR, and somehow, a friend who had a clothing line asked if I would do a photoshoot for his new clothing line.

I’d never thought about it before. His site just took off, and I was asked to do one thing after another. I hired agents and managers, and it became a career out of nowhere.

It wasn’t something I was pursuing. I’m not one of those people who moves to Hollywood with the illusion of being a movie star. I came here to go to school!

In a 2013 interview, Kirk said that Los Angeles is her “home base” but that Miami is “just so fun” while New York City is “too confusing.”

4. When Asked About What She Looks for in a Man, Kirk Said ‘Sense of Humor Is Everything to Me’

In a 2013 interview, Kirk described her ideal date saying, “Going to dinner, with good conversation and good drinks! I love going to sporting events and concerts, guaranteed fun!.” She adds that in her ideal guy, “Sense of humor is everything to me! If you can’t laugh through life with each other that sucks. I don’t have a type at all, make me laugh and I’ll be happy.”

5. Edelsten’s Last Love Became Embroiled in an NYPD Sex Scandal

Gabi Grecko New York Post Cover

(New York Post)

Gabi Grecko, 27, originally from Florida, donned the cover of the New York Post’s June 24 edition where she told her juicy story.

Grecko told the Post that she didn’t know the two men she was performing oral sex on were former NYPD Detective Michael Milici and former NYPD Deputy Inspector James Grant. She told the tabloid, “I was doing it while they were in their seats. It was me on top the whole time. Front, behind, side. They all seemed really comfortable to take their pants off in front of each other and laugh about it. It’s like they’d done this before.”

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