How to Make Your Own Haunted House: Best DIY Ideas for 2016

make own haunted house

How can you make your own haunted house? (Getty)

If you want a miniature haunted house in your home for Halloween, here are a few DIY time-saving ideas for creating a “spooktacular” theme. The key is to have a lot of frightening props scattered around your house, fog for ambiance, and some scary music. These ideas will help get you started, but you may want to throw in some creative props of your own into the mix.

Here’s what you need to know.

Halloween Corpse

Sure, you can go out and buy more expensive decorations like the one above and have an amazing haunted house. But you can still get a great effect by spending less money. A corpse prop, for example, is a must-have for a Halloween haunted house and, as an added bonus, it’s cheap to make. All you need to do is fill a trash bag with crumpled pieces of paper. Alternatively, you can also fill it with Styrofoam or bubble wrap. Shape the bag into a cigar shape and tie string around the bag to form a head and a body shape. For more details, view sample instructions here.

Of course, if a do-it-yourself corpse isn’t your thing, there’s still time to go buy a ready-made decoration version and make it the centerpiece of your Halloween haunted house. Then build around it with small props of your own.

Homemade Fog Machine

A Halloween house just isn’t complete without fog. You can make your own fog machine with just a bucket and some dry ice. Fill a bucket partially with hot water, carefully drop in some dry ice (while wearing gloves or using tongs.) Keep it in front of a fan and you have your own fog machine. For more details, see this article. Be careful about this one around pets and kids though. No matter what decorations you choose to create, make sure that safety is your top priority.

DIY Ghosts

You have several options if you want to make your own ghost for your haunted house. One simple method is to just take chicken wire, shape it into the shape of ghostly apparitions, and spray paint it with glow-in-the-dark paint. For something a little more time-consuming, you’ll need a sewing mannequin. Wrap clear packing tape around it, sticky side out. Add another layer, sticky side down. Remove the tape so it holds the shape, hang it from the ceiling, and shine an LED light underneath. For more details, see here.

Fake Blood

There are multiple ways that you can make fake blood to decorate yourself or props in your house. One method is to combine flour and red flood coloring in a bowl and mix well. Add corn syrup and a tiny bit of blue food coloring if you need a slightly darker shade. Adjust the amounts of flour and corn syrup according to the thickness that you want. You may also need to add some water. Just remember that red food coloring can stain, so be careful where you put it and don’t get it on your clothes.

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