WATCH: Jana Kramer’s Sexy, Wet Performance on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

Jana Kramer and Gleb Savchenko performed the Argentine Tango to Selena Gomez’s “Can’t Keep My Hands to Myself” tonight on Dancing With the Stars and their performance was so hot that it caused all of the judges to get out of their chairs. The duo started off on a black bed and then moved to a shower in the middle of the dance floor. The couple was drenched but stayed on-point with their routine.

The performance earned a perfect score of four 10’s for the couple. Tonight, rapper Pitbull stepped in as a guest judge and he was gushing over the performance. But, nothing beat the delightfully, over-excited judge Bruno Tonioli, who was overcome with passion and happiness. As usual, he could not contain himself and that’s what viewers love about him. Watch Tonioli’s response to Kramer and Savchenko’s performance in the below clip.

Tonight, Kramer and Savchenko were in jeopardy on the show.


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I thought it was way too raunchy. My children watch this show and I had to skip Gleb and Jana’s dance. What disgusted more then the dance was how the judges reacted to the dance. First, the two dancers are married, so show some respect and consideration for his wife and DAUGHTER. Do you know how beyond uncomfortable and confusing that would be as his daughter? Her dad is supposed to only show true chemistry with her mother. They did a sexy dance, who cares. That could be excused in the dance world. “They are acting” and all that…blah, blah, blah. But then to make comment after comment about their chemistry and how sexy and hot the two of them are together is beyond disgusting! Who cares if it was “sexy”. Was there content? Puh-leese! Stop making it seem like they could possibly be a couple when everyone knows that Gleb is happily married with a daughter and Jana is going through an awful time in her life and separated from her husband. Ya, I think that would be a great idea for her to jump into bed with a married man and ruin a happy family while she is completely messed up in the head and her emotions are all over the place. I’m sure their relationship would work out great. (No way on this green earth would they end up being happy and in love.) So, quit the crap and start promoting Gleb as a happy family man. The only girls that will be disappointed are way too young or messed up in the head and living in some fantasy world!


I look forward to this show all week and usually thoroughly enjoy it. To say the Argentine Tango performed by Jana and Gleb was inappropriate was putting it mildly. They did receive a perfect score but if Len Goodman had been there tonight the score would have been different. This is a family show and that dance was rated R at least.


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