‘Westworld’ Premiere Recap: Top Theories & Explanations

The premiere of HBO's Westworld was absolutely phenomenal. The show is already introducing so many themes and questions, viewers are bound to be kept guessing throughout the season. But one of the top questions on viewers' mind is exactly who Ed Harris' character. We won't spoil anything on this first page, but there are spoilers through the premiere of Westworld, along with a lot of top theories. This could be another big hit for HBO. But after the premiere, there are already a lot of questions and theories circulating. We're going to explore some of the top theories and questions in this recap of the premiere. We won't post any spoilers on this first page just in case you accidentally stumbled onto this story. But there will be spoilers on the next pages. Click through the gallery to read more about some of the top theories and questions from the premiere. (HBO/Westworld)

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