‘Gilmore Girls’ Netflix Revival: Episode 4 Recap & Last Four Words Spoilers – ‘Fall’

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And so, the final episode of the Gilmore Girls revival begins. Lorelai is shown in a motel room, calling up Luke, feeling all ready “nuts.” She can’t fit all her belongings that she brought into her backpack, but she makes it work. Upon leaving her motel room, she sees several others embarking on a backpacking trip as well. They all seem to have the same Wild idea as Lorelai, but, before embarking on the hike, they are told that there will be harsh weather coming in.

Meanwhile, back in Stars Hollow, Rory heads into the Gazette office when Kirk’s pig runs by the window with a message. Jess enters the diner looking for his Uncle Luke and he finds that a bunch of people officially have the wifi password for the diner and are consumed by their computers and technology. Jess and Luke had plans to free Liz and TJ from the vegetable cult they were involved in. Fortunately, Jess lets Luke know that the cult through TJ and Liz were too weird, so they kicked THEM out. Luke then tells Jess about Lorelai’s Wild journey for self-discovery. Jess and Luke worry that Lorelai may be headed towards breaking off their relationship. On his way out, Jess unplugs the modem and all the customers leave while moaning in disapproval.

Back in the motel at night, Lorelai is watching TV and then decides to venture outside the room, chatting with some of the other hikers about her issues.

At night, Rory decides to go back into the office, where she is surprised by the former Life and Death Brigade (Colin, Finn and Robert) from college. Logan and his friends show up in gorilla masks to take out Rory on the town. They end up raiding Dosey’s market, but leaving behind money, playing golf from rooftops and watching Kirk’s film. They then head to a secret Tango dance club.

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At the club, Logan and Rory agree that they did not like how they left things with each other. Logan presents Rory with a key to his family’s house in Maine and he tells her the house is hers to use when she writes her book. Rory then asks Logan if he’s really going to marry his fiancee, to which he replies, “That’s the dynastic plan.”

After the club, the group ends up at a hotel in New Hampshire that Logan rented out for them. When morning hits, Rory asks Logan about when he has to leave to go back to London. Rory returns the key to Logan, saying she knows where she is going to write and that he needs to get home. They head downstairs and Rory bids adieu to the Life & Death Brigade, saying she has to get back. They worry that Rory will never see them again and they each become upset, putting on a very theatrical farewell. It looks like Rory is leaving Colin, Finn and Robert behind.

Rory and Logan engage in one final kiss goodbye.

Lorelai again tries to go hiking, but she cannot find her permit and the park ranger says she needs to find it and try again “tomorrow.” Lorelai ends up being able to take in some amazing views anyway and she decides to call her mother, telling her a story that when she was 13 years old, on her birthday, she stole one of her mother’s precious tops from her closet. Lorelai was humiliated by her boyfriend at the time, who said she was cheap, weird and that there was a rumor she wasn’t even a Gilmore, that she was the gardeners’ daughter. She said she fled to the mall and was crying when she looked up to see her father. She said that Richard never went to the mall, but there he was. She said she waited to be punished as she cried and when she finally looked up, he had a pretzel with mustard for her. He then took her to the movies to see Grease and lied to Emily about what went on that day. They never spoke of it again and Lorelai said it was the best birthday she ever had. She tells Emily that she thought she should know. Emily thanked her emotional daughter for the story.

Suddenly, Lorelai walks in the kitchen door of her house and Luke is surprised to see her. She tells Luke not to go near her because she smells. As Lorelai goes into a story of what she’s discovered, Luke stops her, believing she’s going to break up with him. He pleads with her to not run away from him and it’s clear that this is not what she intends. Luke insists he will never leave and he will always be there for her no matter what.

Finally, Lorelai interrupts Luke and tells him she thinks they should get married and that she’s already booked a date that month. Luke is surprised and so happy. He then fetches the original engagement ring he had given Lorelai and slips it on her finger.

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Emily is shown hanging out with Jack and he tells her that he wishes his first three wives had been as understanding as she. Emily decides to explore Nantucket. She tells Rory that she can stay at her home while she is away in Nantucket, so that’s where Rory is able to clear her head and write. As Rory walks through the house, memories fill her head and we hear dialogue between Rory, her mother and her grandparents from the original series. Rory ends up making herself comfortable in her grandfather’s office to begin her book.

Back at the Dragonfly Inn, Lorelai and Michel are interviewing possible candidates to take over for Michel. Both are dissatisfied with the turn out and both agree that the don’t like the idea of someone else working at the Inn.

On a walk, Lorelai spots a large building that was an “old folks home” that is being vacated quickly and she feels the building has a lot of potential. Several nuns will be moving out and tell her that if the price is right, they’d sell it to her, but that she needs to move quickly.

In the middle of the night, Lorelai wakes up to find Rory in the kitchen. They start off in silence, sitting down with coffee, ice cream, red vines pop tarts, and left-over Chinese food. Lorelai and Rory begin to discuss the wedding, which will be the opening day of the Stars Hollow Harvest Festival. Rory then presents her mother with the first three chapters of her book, “The Gilmore Girls.” Rory asks her mother to read the book and says that she promises to throw it away if Lorelai does not like it.

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Emily is sitting at a D.A.R. meeting, interviewing a possible new member. At unimpressed Emily gets up and gets a refreshment in the middle of the questioning, which doesn’t sit well with her fellow D.A.R. ladies. Emily shouts out that the interview is “bullshit” and that it was a courtesy meeting because the girl is just a trophy wife. The girl, Serena, is wife number 4 of their associate Renford and Emily tells her about how they all saw her prenup, laughing at the agreement. When Serena leaves, Emily tells the women that she is tired of it all, using the word “bullshit” over and over again. The ladies encourage Emily to rest and regroup, which is basically kicking her out of the organization. Emily leaves after she says, “this whole thing is dead to me anyway. It was dead with Richard.”

Miss Celine returns to dress Lorelai and Luke for their wedding. Yes, Miss Celine is still around. When putting together the guest list, Luke’s side is very tiny. He then reveals that he’s an old baseball camp buddy of actor Kiefer Sutherland’s, with whom he still goes fishing.

Rory heads to her father’s office as he is working in the family business and is doing very well. His daughter Gigi is turning into a Parisian girl and he says he’s still sort of dating his girlfriend Lana. Christopher looks better than ever and Rory asks that he not show up at the wedding. He assures her that he won’t, but asks if Lorelai is registered. Rory tells her dad about the book she’s writing and her career status. She then asks her father how he felt about Lorelai raising her alone. Christopher tells her that Lorelai always did what she wanted to do and that it was in the cards for them – to be a mother-daughter duo. Rory continues to push for a solid answer, asking why he never fought to raise her, and he responds by saying he thinks it’s the way it was supposed to happen.

As Rory leaves awkwardly, Christopher insists that they should meet for dinner the next week.

When Lorelai shows up at Emily’s house, she finds that her mother is selling her childhood home. Emily says the house isn’t home anymore and that it hasn’t been since Richard’s death. Emily says she has decided to live in Nantucket and Lorelai becomes alarmed. Emily then reveals that she bought the house she and Richard used to rent in Nantucket and that it was a thrilling purchase.

Lorelai tells Emily about the old folks home she wishes to purchase as an annex and Emily is happy to help. Emily agrees to give her the money from Luke’s franchise fund. The strings attached are that Lorelai and Luke visit Nantucket two weeks each summer and one week during Christmas time.

Rory heads into Dosey’s market on some errands for her mother when she runs into Dean. He is married to a pregnant wife named Jenny and they already have three children. As for Dean’s little sister Clara, she’s living with a bad influence of a boyfriend. Rory tells Dean that she’d like to put him in her book, saying that he was the best boyfriend in the world and that he taught her what safe feels like, saying that he made her who she is today. Rory then jokes, reaching for the corn starch, which she shoplifted by accident in the beginning of their courtship in high school.

Gilmore Girls, Gilmore Girls Netflix, Gilmore Girls Netflix Premiere, Gilmore Girls Netflix Last Episode, Gilmore Girls Fall Episode, Gilmore Girls Premiere Spoilers, Gilmore Girls Revival Episode 4


Lorelai gets to the Inn and finds a ton of wedding cakes in the kitchen … along with beloved BFF and Dragonfly Inn chef Sookie. When Michel sees Sookie, he calls her a bitch for deserting them for two years on her upstate journey. He then complains that when she left, she took her fat-free “magic granola” with her. Sookie then says she brought a bunch of it back and Michel is instantly happy. Sookie apologizes for not being around and says she misses the Inn. After a sweet moment with her best friend Lorelai, Sookie starts to spazz out about all the cooks who have been inside her kitchen since she’s been away.

While in Nantucket, Emily gets a job at a local museum as a hobby … and she’s wearing sneakers.

With Jess, Luke is showing him his wedding suit for approval the day before the big event. Kirk storms in, exclaiming, “Everything is under control.” He says that he’s destroyed their wedding because he went over board with the decor. Lorelai and Rory walk in and Luke shouts at them that it’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding.

Lorelai hands Rory back her three chapters and says she’s not going to read it until it’s done. She does say that Rory should drop the “the” and just call the book “Gilmore Girls.” Excited, Rory shows Jess that she started writing the book and Luke questions Jess about it. Luke asks if Jess is “over that” and he says “long over.” But, Jess appears to still be longing for Rory when he peeks back inside to get a glimpse at Rory.

After Rory and Kirk pass out in the living room, Lorelai reveals to Luke that she has organized a flash mob for the wedding. Suddenly, the two have an idea, to get married in the middle of the night in order to take the pressure off the wedding the next day. Lorelai wakes up Rory and they venture to see Reverend Skinner. They head to the town square and see that Kirk’s decorations are beyond perfect. Lane, Michel and Rory all witness the ceremony.

Meanwhile, out in Nantucket, Emily tucks in her maid and the maid’s family after blowing a kiss to Richard’s portrait. She then drinks a glass of wine by herself.

In the morning, Rory and Lorelai are sitting at the gazebo in the square and Lorelai says the whole thing with Luke just “feels right.” While sitting together, Rory gets a text from her forgettable boyfriend, breaking up with her and Lorelai tells her that one day she will find love.

Then, the last four words we have all been waiting for. Rory turns to her mother and says, “Mom, I’m pregnant.”

So, does this mean that Logan is the father?

And that’s the end of the revival series … Can we take a vote for a Rory & Jess spin-off show?

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