Kanye West’s Health: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Kanye West. (Getty)

Concerns over Kanye West’s health have been raised again with the news that he’s cancelled the rest of his Saint Pablo tour to promote The Life of Pablo. West was hospitalized for a week and later released on November 30.

The news came after two consecutive performances were tarnished by a long rant that earned boos from audiences. Reports suggest that West is worn out and exhausted, while one source told the New York Post that there are “fears” he has had a “nervous breakdown.”

A spokesperson for E! Network, which airs Keeping Up With The Kardashians, told the Associated Press that West was admitted to the hospital. It was the first official word from the Kardashian camp that West was hospitalized.

On November 30, Kendall Jenner gave an update on West’s health. “Yes, of course [he’ll be OK],” she said. “Everyone’s OK… Everyone is doing OK, just praying.”

Just two weeks after his hospitalization, West was seen walking into Trump Tower in New York City.

This isn’t the first time his bizarre antics have lead some to question his mental health. In February, a series of odd statements before the release of Pablo had former collaborator Rhymefest say that his friend needs help.

Here’s what we know about West’s health and why he cancelled his current tour.

1. Multiple Reports Say West is ‘Too Exhausted’ To Continue His Tour & There’s Fears He Had a ‘Nervous Breakdown’

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On November 17, West shocked his audience in San Jose, California by stopping his show to give a 10-minute rant. He started it by saying that he did not vote, but would have picked Donald Trump if he did.

The next day in Sacramento, he started to rant after three songs, then ended the show prematurely. Ticketmaster even agreed to give the audience a refund.

West then cancelled his November 20 show in Los Angeles before scrapping the entire tour on November 21. He had shows scheduled through December 31.

A source for TMZ said that West is “exhausted” because he’s also been working on his fashion designs while touring. The robbery of his wife Kim Kardashian in Paris has also been heavy on his mind. “All the time spent away from his family has been a stress on him as well. They are most important to him,” the source said.

Another source for the New York Post’s Page Six went further, suggesting there are concerns that he’s having a nervous breakdown.

“There are fears he is having a nervous breakdown. He’s surrounded by all these crazy people, but there’s nobody he listens to or who can rein him in. He’s a mad genius, and he’s spiraling further and further out of control,” the source said. “Basically everything crazy he does is ‘art,’ so he is becoming more and more unpredictable.”

According to NBC News, LAPD was called to his home at 1:20 p.m. (4:20 p.m. ET) on November 21. The network’s sources say that he was taken to a hospital for his own safety. TMZ also reported the news. He was taken to UCLA Medical Center, but had to be restrained because he didn’t want to go. Two doctors at his home decided he needed to go to the hospital after a check-up.

A new TMZ report on November 22 claims that West’s doctor checked him in as “Jim Jones, 39 years old, 5’8″, 175 lbs.” The doctor, Michael Farzam, listed the patient as “suffers from temporary psychosis due to sleep deprivation and dehydration,” according to TMZ’s law enforcement sources.

Farzam told police that the rapper tried to assault a staff member at his gym, according to a police report the site obtained. TMZ reports that West was handcuffed to a stretcher and played on a 5150 psychiatric hold.

Despite TMZ’s reports, a source told People Magazine that West wasn’t committed against his will. “There was a small altercation at the gym but he was deemed medically stable and decided to seek medical help at his doctor’s request. We’re super confident he’s going to pull through,” the source said.

On November 30, X17 confirmed that West was out of the hospital after a week of treatment and is back home. However, TMZ reported on December 1 that West won’t commit to new concerts in 2017 just yet.

To hear the 911 call from West’s doctor, click here:

2. Collaborator Rhymefest Said in February That Kanye’s ‘Mind And Spirit Isn’t Right’

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In February, West fired off a series of surprising tweets, including one in which he said he was $53 million in debt and asked Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg for help. He also wanted Zuckberberg to “invest 1 billion dollars into Kanye West ideas.” He also reached out to Google co-founder Larry Page for help.

After these comments, fans asked Rhyemefest, who collaborated with West on “Jesus Walks” and other tracks, if he knew anything about West’s condition. “My brother needs help, in the form of counseling. Spiritual & mental. He should step away from the public & yesmen & heal,” Rhymefest wrote in one tweet.

In another message, he said he stopped working with West in January 2016.

He also wrote, “His mind and spirit isn’t right.”

3. West Had a Meltdown on ‘Saturday Night Live’ Just Days After His Odd Tweets

Kanye West, Kanye West health, Kanye West, Kanye West mental health

Kanye West at The Forum in Inglewood, California on October 25. (Getty)

Days after his strange Twitter pleas to Zuckerberg, West had a meltdown when he was on Saturday Night Live. Audio of the profanity-filled rant was leaked to the New York Post.

During the incident, West said he was “50 percent more influential” than Stanley Kubrick, Pablo Picasso, St. Paul The Apostle and Pablo Escobar. The incident happened just minutes before the live episode began, with Melissa McCarthy hosting.

“Look at that s–t they took my f—–g stage off’a SNL without asking me. I am bummed … If I am going to do this, we are breaking the m———–g Internet,” he says at one point.

“It was like he was having an emotional breakdown,” a source told the Post. “He was calling the crew ‘white m———–s’ and then said he was going to walk out. The only thing that stopped him from actually leaving right then was that nobody had access to the freight elevator. If he’d walked out on the live show, it would have been a disaster. And the whole meltdown was just because of the floor.”

“Right before he was about to go on live television, they took his stage apart. Like any artist, he’s a perfectionist, and wanted his performance to be right. Of course he was upset,” another source told the paper.

4. A Longtime Friend Said That All the February Were Not Concerning to Him

Kanye West Kim Kardashian, Kanye West health, Kanye West mental health

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. (Getty)

Despite all of West’s questionable behavior, a “longtime friend” told People Magazine after the SNL outburst that he wasn’t concerned for West’s well-being.

“I haven’t felt personally concerned about his well being,” the friend said. “Every time I talk with him – which is almost every day – he’s extremely good-natured, [and] in a great mood.”

The source questioned the motives behind comments from Rhyemefest and Milik Yusef, another West collaborator. “All those guys do is talk about Kanye. There can be all types of motivations there. Both of those guys are extremely talented, don’t get me wrong, but for years [they’ve] been talking about Kanye in the press,” the person said.

The person said that West has a history of provoking people and ruffling some feathers. “He often says that he was raised this way by his parents who were both activists and thinkers, educators. They instilled in him this belief that it was necessary to be himself at all costs,” the person said.

5. West Blamed ‘Voices in My Head’ on Why He Jumped Onto the Stage at the 2015 Grammys to Interrupt Beck

Kanye West Beck, Kanye West Mental health, Kanye West health

Kanye West at the 2015 Grammy Awards, leaving the stage after he interrupted Beck. (Getty)

At the 2015 Grammys, West interrupted Beck, who picked up with the Grammy for Album of the Year. It seemed like a repeat of the 2009 MTV VMAs incident, when he interrupted Taylro Swift. In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, West first tried to blame that on people in the audience egging him on.

“You know, I felt like just the whole Grammys, right when that happened, everybody was looking at me, and then people started screaming, ‘Kanye! Kanye! Go do it!'” West said.

Kanye West Explains Grammys Stunt, Plans to Work With Taylor Swift | On Air with Ryan SeacrestKanye West called in for an exclusive interview on his Grammys stunt with Beck, his remarks on respecting artistry, and plans to work with Taylor Swift! SUBSCRIBE: full.sc/UBDdWt On Air with Ryan Seacrest on YouTube The official home for video from On Air with Ryan Seacrest and RyanSeacrest.com. Subscribe for exclusive celebrity interviews and music…2015-02-11T18:13:49.000Z

He then admitted that this didn’t really happen. “Ok. That didn’t really happen, these were voices in my head,” West said. “The voices in my head told me to go up. Then I just walked up, like, halfway up the stage.”

West also told an audience in 2010 that he once considered suicide.

“I will not give up on life again,” he said. “There’s so many people that will never get the chance to have their voice heard… I do it for them.”

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