The Haunted Monroe House on ‘Paranormal Lockdown’

The Monroe House

On tonight's episode of Paranormal Lockdown, Nick Groff and Katrina Weidman will focus on The Monroe House of Indiana, also called the "Demon House" by some, according to For those looking to check out the location, owner Pam Norris and her sister Sheri Stewart keep up to date with more and more information on the house. They post their findings on Facebook. The house is located at 218 N. Monroe Street, Hartford City, Indiana. Stewart and Norris have said that: For many years the house on Monroe Street has been rumored to be haunted. Many of the residents have claimed to see a figure of a young girl in the upstairs window ... Book now to see if the rumors are true. Norris makes the home available for viewing and, in previous Facebook posts, she has written that proceeds are donated to local organizations and charities. Because Norris felt the house gave off negative vibes, she wanted to turn it into a positive. For more information on the house, click through our gallery of the best photos from Norris and Stewart's Facebook page. (Facebook/HauntedMonroeHouse)

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