Mark Milburn & Jenna Gillund on ‘Timber Creek Lodge’

Mark Milburn & Jenna Gillund

From the very beginning of Timber Creek Lodge, Mark Milburn has been clearly interested in co-worker Jenna Gillund. He's gushed over her, couldn't keep his hands off of her and even talked about moving to Los Angeles, where she lives. In recent episodes, Milburn revealed that he may have been sexually assaulted by a man in the past. This appeared to make Gillund uncomfortable, especially after Milburn was catering to an overly friendly gay client on the show. When Gillund begins to confide in some of the Timber Creek Lodge guests, they advise her to question Milburn about his true sexual preference. This angers Milburn, who gets into an argument with the clients. Now it looks like the couple is truly on the outs, especially when we hear that Milburn ends up hooking up with a client this season. This definitely seems to hurt Jenna. Get more details on the duo's relationship status, Timber Creek spoilers and more in our gallery of each of their best Instagram pics. (Photo by: Eike Shroter/Virginia Sherwood/Bravo)

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