‘Hell or High Water’: Meet the Cast of the 2017 Best Picture Oscar Nominee

Jeff Bridges as Texas Ranger Marcus Hamilton

Each year at the Oscars, there's always an underdog in the Best Picture category that surprisingly earns a nomination. This year, it's Hell or High Water, the acclaimed Western that became a surprise indie hit during its summer 2016 release. The film is a gripping account of two bank-robbing brothers and the retiring sheriff on their trail. Written by Sicario's Taylor Sheridan and directed by David MacKenzie, it's a movie about the old Texas clashing with the new. It's about how far people will push the boundaries of the law just to do something they think is right, even if it's legally wrong.

Hell or High Water hinges on the performances of three great actors. The first is Jeff Bridges, who plays Texas Ranger Marcus Hamilton. Hamilton is about to retire and finding the Howard brothers is his last case. The role is reminiscent of Tommy Lee Jones' part in No Country For Old Men, but Bridges brings his unique sense of humor and skill to the role. His performance earned him his seventh Oscar nomination. He finally won in 2010 for his performance in Crazy Heart. Bridges was nominated for Best Supporting Actor.

In addition to the nominations for Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor, the film was also nominated for Best Original Screenplay and Best Editing. Click through to meet the rest of the cast. (Getty)