Linda Carman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Son Rescued at Sea Speaks Out on Mother's DisappearanceNathan Carman, 22, told ABC News he "wasn't responsible" for the death of his 54-year-old mother, Linda Carman, after their boat sank in the Atlantic Ocean.2016-09-29T14:41:20.000Z

Linda Carman and her son, Nathan, left for a fishing trip on the evening of September 17, 2016. When they did not return, the Coast Guard sent out a search team. It wasn’t until eight days later that Nathan was finally located by a Chinese freighter, but Linda was nowhere to be found. Tonight, ABC News’ 20/20 will speak to Nathan about his mother’s disappearance, and what he believes happened that fateful night.

Read on to learn more about Linda Carman, Nathan’s mother.

1. Her Body Has Not Been Found

Linda’s body has never been found and she is presumed dead. To this day, Nathan has said that he did not harm his mother, and had no part in her disappearance.

Nathan planned a memorial service to honor his mother one month after the incident. According to The Courant, his plans for a service angered family members who were waiting for the police to finish their investigation. The outlet also reports that Nathan did not contact Linda’s three sisters to tell them about, or invite them to, his mother’s memorial.

Hubert Santos, Nathan’s attorney, told The Hartford Courant, “Nathan has not given up hope for his mother’s rescue. However, he also understands the difficult realities of the situation and that the Coast Guard stopped search-and-rescue operations last month… He believes that now is an appropriate time to begin the mourning process, and asks that the public and press respect his privacy during this trying time.”

2. Her Estate Is Worth $6.5 Million

According to probate records obtained by The Courant, Linda is worth more than $6.5 million. The outlet reports that a majority of her money comes from a corporation she owns with her sisters, called Elaine Manor Ownership LLC, worth $18 million, and that her cash assets are valued at approximately $125,000.

3. Her Wealthy Father Was Fatally Shot in 2013

On December 20, 2013, Linda’s father, John Chakalos, was found shot dead at his home in Windsor, Connecticut. Chakalos, a wealthy real estate developer, was still mourning his wife, who had died of cancer just a month earlier. Linda’s attoney, Gerry Klein, told CNN that there were no signs of forced entry and nothing was stolen, and that Linda passed a polygraph test that the police administered.

According to NBC Connecticut, Chakalos left behind an estate worth more than $42 million to his four daughters– one of whom was Linda. Court documents obtained by CBS revealed that police “applied for an arrest warrant charging Nathan Carman with the murder, but a prosecutor didn’t sign the warrant and asked for more information.”

His death remains a mystery to this day.

4. She and Nathan Had Different Ideas About Their Destinations on September 17

According to CNN, Linda and her son had different ideas about where their boat was headed before they took off on the evening of September 17. Linda told a friend they were going to “Striper Rock”, about 20 miles off Rhode Island, while Nathan told a local man they were going to the “Canyons”– 100 miles offshore. The same man, Mike Iozzi, told authorities that as Nathan was gearing up to leave, he saw him remove the boat’s trim tabs, which help “boats sail ‘with increased safety'”. Iozzi told CNN that he didn’t see any fishing poles in the boat, and Nathan didn’t answer him when he asked why he wasn’t bringing any.

5. She Was Arrested in 2011 for an Assault of Her Father

According to CNN, Linda was arrested in 2011 for an assault of her father, who was 85 at the time. The family was reportedly visiting Nathan at a psychiatric facility in Hartford when an “argument broke out over the direction of care for Nathan, and financial issues,” according to Klein.

Nathan had been admitted to the Connecticut hospital for psychiatric treatment at age 17, after his beloved horse had died.

Linda pleaded self-defense, and the case was eventually dismissed.

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