Who Won ‘Top Chef’ Season 14 ‘Last Chance Kitchen’ Tonight?

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Tonight, three remaining chefs faced off against the winner of Last Chance Kitchen. And who was that winner? Brooke Williamson.

Last time on Last Chance Kitchen, Casey made a steamed cod dish with lettuce cream and Brooke made a cauliflower soup. Brooke was brought back on tonight’s show.

“I experienced the one thing I was most terrified of. I have nothing to lose– I am ready to go,” Brooke said, heading into tonight’s competition.

The synopsis for tonight’s episode read, “The finals kick off in Mexico with the chefs creating a meal using goat. Later, they must pair their own unique cocktail with a dish that incorporates the distinct taste of a margarita. Appearing: Richard Blais, Francisco Ruano and Ray Garcia.”

It seems like Brooke was the right choice to bring back! She won the first round with her goat ribs.

Brooke’s margaritas got some great reviews in the second round– especially her soup. John received mixed reviews on his dishes. Some loved his tequila, while others thought that his cocktail was too strong. Sheldon’s dish showed finesse according to some of the judges, but was a bit too sweet. His cocktail also didn’t quite hold up. Shirley’s salsa was probably the best part of the night, but her cocktail wasn’t up to par.

In the end, the winning dish was Brooke. And what did she win? A limited edition tequila worth $7,500.

When it came down to it, all the judges were very nervous, but we said goodbye to John tonight.

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